2017 Summer Anthem “Fade Away” By Sam Feldt x Lush & Simon Feat. Inna Gets A Music Video

It’s been a month since this awesome song was dropped, and we have all been waiting patiently for a music video to accompany the track. Teasers from all three artists have been posted all over social media the past few weeks. Finally, the video was dropped as a surprise by Inna.

As we previously mentioned in our review of the song, we are completely obsessed with this song; even now, a whole month later. The music video was directed by Barna Nemethi; and featured Inna with her friends, having a good time. Her friends are makeup artist Anca Buldur and model Joanna FX.

Set in The Bahamas, there are a few different scenes. The main opening scene sees all three women inside a Camaro, driving along the sand, creating tyre tracks. We later see them driving on the road, standing up in their seats whilst wearing wrestling masks.

Other notable scenes see them on a boardwalk, glancing at the camera on this very windy day. We also see them on a wooden structured beach viewing spot. It’s completely serene in every way.

There’s a slight bit of a narrative seen as they pick up a hitchhiker from the side of the road. Towards the end, he jumps out of the back of the moving car and poses for a photo, which Inna takes.

This video easily captures the summer feels that we get from this song! We completely suggest you download or stream the song, you definitely won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget to check out our review of the song.