The Aces Release New Single – Just Like That

Alternative/Electronic Pop quartet The Aces have released their latest single ‘Just Like That’. The song provides a strong rhythm with soft drumming backdrops with some smooth and perky vocals. The lyrics also speak a powerful message of breaking free from a toxic or otherwise draining relationship,

“This song is about getting empowered and deciding to cut the final ties to a person that never deserved you,” the band tells NPR. “Hopefully you’ll scream it in your room and heal along with us.”  

Meet the band

The Aces was formed in 2008 when four friends, Cristal Ramirez (Vocals, Guitar), Katie Henderson (Lead Guitar, Vocals), McKenna Petty (Bass) and Alisa Ramirez (Drums) from Provo, Utah joined together with a love for music. Blossoming from playing at teen events and at their local school, they began to preform at Provo music events and soon produced their first seven-song EP in 2012. With their music spreading across their home state who supported them whole-heartedly with features in local articles such as Provo Buzz and Paste Magazine. What followed were a range of successful singles such as  “Physical” or “Stuck,” and a record deal with Red Bull Records who produced The Aces’ second EP ‘I Don’t Like Being Honest’ in 2017.