Aeora reflects on independence and relationships in ‘Need You’

Melbourne artist Aeora continues to explore and refine her ‘dark electronic pop’ sound with her latest single ‘Need You’. Following on from singles ‘Boss-y’ and ‘Fenceline’, ‘Need You’ is a brooding reflection on “a relationship – the doubts, the love and the pain”.

“[‘Need You’ is] about reflecting upon my own idea of being independent and still needing someone else, and telling myself that it’s okay,” explains Aeora aka Lisa Spencer.

Co-written by LANKS and co-produced by Kult Kyss’ Haxx, the track features loud production and loud vocals to create moody and experimental pop reminiscent of the likes of Banks and Sohn. Over heavy synths Aeora assures herself that, “It’s okay to need you too”. Thematically the track lies in a similar vein to ‘Fenceline’, Aeora’s previous single that explored the idea of losing yourself and your identity in a relationship.

Fellow Melbourne songwriter and producer LANKS was drawn to Aeora’s “emotional and evocative” voice saying, “as the song developed her voice continues to be such a powerful anchoring point that the rest of the production so perfectly sits around”.