Album Review: All the Feels for Lukas Graham’s Self-Titled Album

I think it’s impossible to not fall in love with Lukas Graham’s “7 Years”. It has everything a good song needs: great, relatable lyrics, amazing vocals, and perfectly created tunes. Earlier this month, the Danish-based band released his first album. With already having days where I listened to nothing but “7 Years”, I’m not going to lie, my expectations were high. And boy, they didn’t disappoint.

This album is almost like the musical version of Lukas’ journey in life so far. Talking from his dreams to take over the world – with his music, of course – in “Take the World by Storm” and about how he’s trying to be humble, keeping his home and family close to his heart in “Mama Said”. Another heartwarming family-themed song comes next: “Happy Home” where he’s giving his appreciation to friends who stood by him when his dad passed away. But Lukas also talks about feelings, you know, falling in love, growing apart, the drunk mornings and that one time you fell in love with a stripper — or maybe that’s just him. “Drunk in the Morning” sounds a bit jazzed up with that little pinch of horns and heavy bass.

If you think “7 Years” is emotional, “Better Than Yourself” will make you change your mind. Talking about a close friend who is doing his time in jail, the song managed to make my eyes a bit teary. I’m sure Lukas got teary too, judging from his shaky voice in the middle of this song.


“Don’t You Worry ‘Bout Me” is another upbeat, soul’d up, bop-your-head-to-it kind of tune that makes you believe in Lukas’ more than decent vocal range. 
“What Happened to Perfect” talks about how two people are drifting apart. It’s very well written and sang, I could hear my heart break a little.

After making us – or maybe just me – feeling a bit down, “Strip No More” comes along almost like it’s trying to cheer up the mood with the playful tune, funny and probably relatable (for some people) lyrics. 
”I was at table three, B.Y.O.B and Destiny sat next to me. She asked me if I liked her dance, I told her, “I’m your biggest fan”. Then she took me by the hand and turned this boy into a man. Inside a private room, I hope you understand.” Yep, we got ya’, Lukas.

“Funeral” is probably one of the best death-related songs ever written on my list. Instead of focusing on death and lost, Lukas wants people to focus on the life that was lived, that’s aimed to be a happy and fulfilled one. 
“Everyone welcome to my funeral. Everyone I know better be wasted. You know I would pour one up because the way I lived, it was amazing.” (This sounds like my kind of funeral, to be honest.)

In conclusion, this album is now on my Best Album list for this year simply for how honest and simple every single song is made. The honesty made it enjoyable and, again, relatable. How it pretty much has something for every emotion will probably make it difficult for you to get sick of it. If they can keep this up, I’m sure in the long run, Lukas Graham will become one of the best musicians/bands out there.

Watch Lukas Graham perform 7 Years live for KROQ Sessions…