Album Review: Little Mix – Glory Days

The girls are back! Spreading girl power, with this “Glory Days” album that is strong and powerful throughout; Little Mix proves that they are still one of the biggest girl groups in the world.
This album is not something we all expected, especially since the first single, “Shout Out To My Ex”, was completely catchy.

But let’s go back to where Little Mix started, first of all. They are a four-piece girl group consisting of Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson. They entered the eighth series of The X Factor UK as soloists. They were later put together and went on to win that series. They continue to remain as the only group to have won The X Factor.

They’ve gone on to have many global hits. This album follows up from the “Shout Out To My Ex” single. This is the first song on the album and opens “Glory Days” with a banger of a song.

First singles usually shows the direction of the album, and although Little Mix has stayed in the pop genre, there are some tracks that switch our expectations slightly. This ex-hating first single does show how fierce this album is going to be. The girls are confident in their singing and in the music video, proving to their ex’s that they are totally missing out on them. It’s relatable to a lot of people, so it’s understandable why they picked it as the first single, and it definitely has paid off, since it’s become quite the international hit.

There were five instant grat tracks released, three of which were released in the week before the release date, to try and gain more promotion. Mainly because it’s quite a competitive week, with DNCE releasing their debut album, Bruno Mars releasing his latest album, and Metallica releasing their album too.
The instant grat singles that were released were “You Gotta Not”, “F.U.”, “Nothing Else Matters”, “Touch”, “Nobody Like You”, and “Down & Dirty”. These tracks really define the album, bringing girl power and totally showing the diversity of the songs.


The first instant grat song, “You Gotta Not” is a fierce and strong song; the girls’ fired up vocals are perfect throughout. The song itself feels as if it just missed out on Fifth Harmony’s most-recent album, especially with the strong vocals and lyrics. Totally honest and passionate.

“F.U.” and “Nothing Else Matters” was the next instant grat tracks. The former is a typical Little Mix ballad, that’s quite reminiscent of “Love Me Like You”; so much so that we can definitely imagine a Christmas remix within the next few weeks. It reminds me of a lot of other songs, like a Paloma Faith ballad mixed with Girls Aloud’s “The Promise”. It’s definitely a 60’s inspired song that becomes a grower the more you hear it. The latter switches the album up, with strong vocals and hypnotic finger clicks or snapping, whatever you call it. Another pop ballad with an upbeat rhythm.

“Touch”, “Nobody Like You”, and “Down & Dirty” were all released in the final week as instant grat singles. “Touch” follows on from opening song “Shout Out To My Ex”. It feels like the perfect follow-up single and has slaying vocals and synths. Some finger clicks/snaps, and definitely a memorable song. “Nobody Like You” is another pop-ballad, but the girls really flood the song with emotion. Yet, the song only has one girl singing at a time, with Perrie Edwards taking on lead vocals. “Down & Dirty” definitely is a defining song. It has low harmonies with rhythmic beats. Perrie Edwards brings soul to the song, but as the chorus hits, you realise the song is trying for a house/EDM attempt, yet it doesn’t quite work as it feels like it’s two incomplete songs mashed together. The electronic voice totally puts me off this song.

The fourth track on the album is a collaboration with Charlie Puth entitled “Oops”. It starts off with a piano intro. The song is quite sweet, but it will always remain as an album track. Charlie Puth adds an identifiably male vocal, which switched the whole album up a little more. The cute song is trying a little too hard; yet, it’s so simple.


In the middle of the album, you have track seven and eight which are “Power” and “Your Love” respectively. The former brings more fierce girl power to the table. Slightly on the shouty side. Synths and house instrumentals in the background makes this song more fast-paced. The robotic voice appears once again, making it a grower of a song. The latter is much more soulful and totally allows Little Mix to redeem themselves. More of a beaty ballad it’s totally more emotional, but there’s something missing, it’s like the girls don’t have much chemistry.

It isn’t until you get to the tenth song “No More Sad Songs”, that you finally hear a song just as good as “Shout Out To My Ex”. Totally upbeat with lovely strong vocals, this would totally be my choice for second single.

“Private Show” follows, and it’s not a cover version of the Britney Spears song; I know we all wish it was, especially since their album name is not so different from Britney’s new one. This is full of beats, with a brilliant bridge. The song is honest and real, with a powerful chorus. However, the girls sound like they’re fighting with one another to be heard. Regardless, it’s sexy and sultry.

There are three additional tracks on the deluxe version, as well as a “Get Weird Tour” DVD. The deluxe tracks are “Beep Beep” and “Freak”, as well as an acoustic version of “Touch”, which kind of suggests that as the second single from this album. Unfortunately, “Beep Beep” isn’t part two of The Pussycat Dolls’ “Beep” instead it’s the sort of song you keep in the background whilst driving around in your car. One the kids will be singing along to in the back. Luckily, “Freak” redeems the deluxe edition, with brilliant lyrics such as: ‘You don’t get these kisses for free’. With alien electronic sounds in the background bringing a grower of a song that builds fire. The acoustic version of “Touch” ends the album with full-on soulful emotion. It’s slightly slower but totally packs an impact you don’t expect.

The people who get the Deluxe DVD edition are treated to a “Get Weird Tour” set of videos. It is hosted at the SSE Arena, Wembley, London, UK. It is immersive and totally clear throughout. Easily visualise yourself as part of the audience. Taking part in all the audience atmospheric experiences and feel like you’re attending a Little Mix show. This is by far one of the best tour DVD’s I have come across. Singing their hits, as well as some amazing album tracks from the “Get Weird” album. What more could you want?

This album has everything, but mainly it has girl power. It’s strong throughout and a typical Little Mix album. It’s a grower, no doubt you’ll know all the words to the songs in due course, because this album will be played again and again.