Album Review: The Lumineers – Cleopatra

After a long hiatus, The Lumineers have made their comeback with a new LP ‘Cleopatra’. The band went under the radar since their top hit single ‘Ho Hey’ that reached No. 2 on Billboard 200 in January 2013. Later on, with their successful second single ‘Stubborn Love’ they were crowned a favourite festival band. Although, it looked like as if The Lumineers is just another ‘one hit wonder’, but they proved us wrong with their new LP. In this album, Wesley Schultz along with the rest of band members would like to pour out their emotions and experiences during their hiatus years through the lyric and the music.

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With their lead single ‘Ophelia’ from their album, it sets the right tone for our expectation for the rest of the album. Ho Hey atmosphere definitely still present in this song with similar percussion, drum beats and the unique melody that will make want to clap along instantly. Although it sounds fun and exciting there’s a deep emotion within this song. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Schultz explains, “Ophelia is a vague reference to people falling in love with fame. That spotlight can seem like an endless buffet, but in reality, you’re just shiny, bright, and new to people for a quick moment – and then you have the rest of you life to live. It’s about caring so much about the people around me, and wondering if we’re all going to be alright”. In a sense, ‘Ophelia’ is all about fame and the danger behind it.

After a catchy lead single, ‘Cleopatra’ with its building up beats, infectious chorus and captivating tale perfectly become one of my favorite songs in this album. Afterwards, Angela, Gun Song and Sick In The Head with nothing but a simplistic combination of melody and beat as well as poem-like singing are enough to make listeners dig deeper to the album.

In Conclusion, the entire album is an incredible journey that is closed beautifully with solo piano Patience. Each track is filled with passion and deeply personal that made it impossible not to be drawn in. I’d say The Lumineers successfully made a comeback with a more well-developed music and proved that they’re not a one-hit wonder.

You can see Ophelia music video below!