Alexander Biggs – Still You Sharpen Your Teeth

Melbourne based artist, Alexander Biggs has amassed a global following off the back of two soft spoken melodies. His attention to acoustic prevalence is shown again threw the release of ‘Figure it Out’ off his forthcoming EP, Still You Sharpen Your Teeth. The newest release encapsulates everything that Biggs stands for in his music; emotionally driven lyrics, attention to melodic captivation and a sense of narrative throughout his songs.

The EP is, to say in the least, beautiful. An honest and raw look into Alexander’s personal fears and uncertainties matched with his coming of age in self-acceptance and self-hope. The more refined sound is the first thing to come to fruition in the latest EP, earlier releases such as tidal way possessed an undertone of reflection on lessons learnt and a backing to match. ‘Still You Sharpen Your Teeth’, introduces us to the sombre side of Biggs’ music; songs like, ‘New York’ and ‘Now I Leave You Here’ offer a slower pace to what we have seen from the young artist before. A pace that in essence helps to set the tone of the song and gives you the opportunity to listen to the stories that Biggs is trying to reiterate. On the contrary the single off the EP, ‘Figure it Out’, shows a more bubbly and hopefully tone. Biggs describes the song as;

“I was facing a lot of conflict in my life, but the song came out of a place of hopefulness, which is a bit different for me – I’m normally a lot more cynical. It came from a place of understanding that everything will pass. Negative things will come, but they’ll soon be gone – and you’ll ‘Figure it Out’ so to speak”

~Alexander Biggs on ‘Figure it Out’

On the back of the EP release on September 15 through Sony Music Australia, Biggs will be touring the album, as well as a host of other shows around the country. If the attention that his releases to date amassing over 1.5 million plays on Spotify, are anything to go by, the next year is expected to be a big one for the 23 year-old.