Alexandra Stan premieres her third single “Ecoute”

Alexandra Stan asks you to listen to “Ecoute”, her third single from studio album “Alesta”. Days before her collaboration with Inna, Antonia and Lori, where Global Records dropped single “Call The Police” under this new project called G Girls; Alexandra Stan released this music video for “Ecoute”. Gone are the days of “Mr Saxobeat”, instead we have an extremely confident girl, looking sexy whilst tossing her long, beautiful blonde hair.

Sultry, sassy and gorgeous, this girl has come a long way. Having international fame, and then being tossed to the curb, literally, by former manager and then boyfriend. Alexandra Stan stood up for herself, exposed her bruises and her wounds for the world to see, and came back stronger than ever.

This is planned as the third single from Alexandra Stan’s third album “Alesta”. Directed by Khaled Mokhtar and produced by Luigi Enciu this icy music video sends warmth throughout. Filmed in Obârșia-Brezoi.

“Ecoute” means listen in English. Written by Seniuc Sorin, Vanotek, Nadir Tamuz and Alexandra Tirtirau. The song has a French chorus. Alexandra Stan and Havana’s vocals harmonize perfectly giving so much fire that the icy backdrop melts away and towards the end of the video we see them on a set singing the song.

The husky dog and the white horse adds perfect imagery into the video, but they soon disappear later on, replaced by Havana. Running wild and free, the horse shakes in a similar way that Alexandra Stan tosses her hair. A very beautiful music video, with a tonne of amazing performance vibes, these people surely know how to sing and express the lyrics.

Check out the video below…