Alexandra Stan Releases Romanian Song “Noi 2”

We finally have a Romanian-language solo track from Alexandra Stan. “Noi 2” – pronounced “Noi Doi” which means “Us 2” in English – has been dropped on her YouTube Channel with a flirtatious and teasing music video that we cannot get enough of. This track is the follow-up to her latest release “Boy Oh Boy”.

The song was written by Alexandra Stan and Chriss JustUs whilst the music video was directed by Bogdan Paun. This is her first Romanian-language solo song, however she has featured on singles “Mor de dor”, “Inima de gheaţă”, “Motive”, and “Au gust zilele” by Hi-Q, Trumpa Zero, Dorian, and Criss Blaziny respectively.

The music video sees Alexandra Stan on a yacht with her girls having the time of their lives. Throughout there are cheeky scenes of the three of them being flirtatious, from playing with a blow-up banana to pulling the towel from a guy – who reminds us of Alexandra Stan’s real-life lover Staruiala Bogdan.

Our favourite scene is definitely the circus clips, which sees this Romanian superstar wearing a themed playsuit. We love the hand prints and star design which looks incredible on her.

As for the song, we can’t stop singing along to it. It’s sultry and flirtatious, using the sexy Romanian language to its advantage. We may not be able to sing along correctly due to our mispronunciations (since we speak English – however we are learning Romanian, slowly) but we can definitely love this song a thousand times over.

Of her blog, Alexandra Stan said of the song: “I am the child of the sea, I feed myself with sun rays, I love the energy of the water and I think this is what sea means: happiness, fun, the place where the stress disappears and the ideal place for the beginning of relationships, therefore my invitation: ‘Baby/ You would do me a favor / If you came to the sea’”.

Alexandra Stan has definitely come a long way since she gained international success with her song “Mr Saxobeat”. She’s been through a lot, including a court case but she’s come out stronger than ever. Her most-recent albums are totally incredible and if this song and previously released single “Boy Oh Boy” is anything to go by, Alexandra Stan may be gearing up to release her best album to date. Not only that but she also plans on dropping a clothing line on her website very soon titled STAN by Alexandra Stan.