ALXNDR: ” Our Songs Are Very Real And Very Honest Stories Of Us”

Hailing from Newcastle, alternative pop band ALXNDR are ending a perfect year with their debut EP release ‘RWND’. So far the trio have been receiving an immense amount of online support and we were lucky enough to chat to them about ‘RWND’. “This EP means a lot to us, we really wanted to make sure this collection of songs represented us as people in the best way it could and we think it does that.

All tracks were recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by the band at their own home studio. “‘RWND’ feels like a huge turning point for us. Releasing our first real collection of tracks feels great and we can’t wait to get some feedback from everyone that gives us a spin. We’re in such a great place right now musically and as a team, with some amazing support around us which gives this release perfect timing in our eyes.

583(Milo Thatch vibes)

Outlet: How would you sum up ALXNDR in 3 emojis ?

O: For those just discovering your music, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? How did all of you guys meet up, form the band and start making music together?

A: We met each other at college a few years back and have been tight friends ever since! We created and performed music together for a while until we decided to form ALXNDR and give it a real shot, but it’s been a blast ever since!

O: Congrats on your debut EP!! How important was it to get the EP right the first time round?

A: Thank you! We hope you enjoyed it? This EP means a lot to us, we really wanted to make sure this collection of songs represented us as people in the best way it could and we think it does that.

O: You’ve been described, as “90’s infused alternative pop” was that a sound/genre you were always going for or did it change and develop as years went by?

A: Haha I like that! Yeah, I mean we are massively influenced by that time in music history. We’re huge fans of those 90’s pioneers, who doesn’t fall in love with ‘Lovefool’ all over again every time you hear it? It’s quite natural for us really, we all have different aspects of 90’s/00’s music that we love, you can’t help but be influenced by your favourite artists.

O: How would you describe your music to somebody who’d never heard it before? What song would you tell them to listen to first and why?

A: We’ll go with 90’s infused alternative pop, I like that! Do you believe in time travel?

I think we all have our favourite’s to play live and to listen to. Last week I’d have said “listen to Four A.M” because it’s been the favourite so far. However, we’ve just released a new single “You&Me”, that was a lot of fun to produce.

O: Are there any musicians who you’d say have influenced your musical style?

A: Way too many to give them all credit. Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Phil Collins, Dr Dre, Shania Twain, The Cardigans, Natalie Imbruglia…so many influences out there.

O: Can you tell a bit about working on debut EP ‘RWND’? How long was the process? What were some of the most challenging parts in bringing it all together?

A: We’ve written and recorded the tracks from RWND over the past year and released them consecutively. They were all recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by ourselves at my own home studio up here in the north east! We are actually super proud of the work we have put into these tracks and love the process of doing it ourselves! Time is probably the most challenging, wanting to get this out as soon as possible but also writing new material and touring isn’t the easiest thing to balance. But it’s here, it’s out and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Big love to all those involved x


O: As far as songwriting goes, where do you gather your inspiration? Do you have a set lyrical structure or is it more about what you’re experiencing or feeling at the time?

A: We love movie soundtracks so we are massively into writing based on our emotions and personal life scenes. Our songs are very real and very honest stories of us, or of others. We love writing together in our own homes and studios, we’re all open minded and like to mix it up when writing so there’s never a set structure.

O: I was watching your music video for “Four A.M” and you have a strong 90s aesthetic. Is image and how you’re perceived as a collective an important aspect of ALXNDR? You have bands like The Neighbourhood and the 1975 that have establish the whole black and white look.

A: To be honest we’re just huge fans of the fashion and imagery in that era, The 90’s were a lot of fun and we wanted to recreate that fun in Four A.M. We never expected people to get what we were doing as much as they have! Especially with the video concept, at first I was worried that people wouldn’t understand the sarcasm behind it, even more so that we are such a new band still! But yeah I mean, we don’t feel restricted by anything, we just do shit that we think looks cool.

O: I’m currently in love with “The Pick Up”, more specifically when you sing “Maybe I will feel alive when I have grown much older” – Do you feel like nowadays, we’re being shoved into the phases of adulthood that nobody particular wants to be a part of?

A: Thank you so much. In a sense yes, definitely. The world we see around us can be so cruel and truly horrifying, wouldn’t it be lovely to stay young and naive to all that?

O: Is it important for your music to be relatable; is that something you think of when writing lyrics?

A: I wouldn’t say it’s planned, but we write about pretty general personal and social issues so I think there will always be an element of the tracks being relatable to others.

O: How do you think social media has played into your success? It definitely makes musicians more accessible

A: It’s an amazing platform for bands. It just makes everything easier you know? Speaking with people that listen to our music, we’ll always appreciate being able to do that.

O: I was wondering why the acronyms? (ALXNDR, RWND)

A: We really like the idea of an individual’s name representing us, sort of like an alias if you like. We thought Alexander was a strong name, after messing around with logo ideas we all came to an agreement on the abbreviation. We thought it would be a little more unique and people wouldn’t have such a hard time finding us online!

Following suit with the first EP we settled on RWND, Rewind, there are so many reasons for the title. One being that we’ve released all tracks consecutively through the year. All of the other reasons are embedded in the nostalgic elements within our music on the EP, so it seemed fitting.

O: This year has been a great year for music! What would say your favourite releases are so far?

A: Bieber’s new record, JB forever x
Also ‘Kintsugi’ – Death Cab For Cutie

O: Lastly, what next for ALXNDR? Touring, more EP releases? debut album?

A: ALL OF THOSE THINGS! Can’t wait, 2016 will be killaaa xxxx

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