Amanda Dziedzic’s Beautiful Gems of Glass

Earlier this week I was aimlessly scouring through the feeds of some local galleries, such as I am wont to do, when I stumbled across some odd little gems. I was immediately taken with the jewel-toned glass orbs of Melbourne-based artist Amanda Dziedzic, and so off I went to discover more about the beautiful artworks and the talented artist behind them.


Amanda Dziedzic might be based in Melbourne, but her stunning glassworks have a shimmering lifeblood from far and wide. She completed a traineeship in Adelaide at JamFactory, has had residencies in Tokyo and Scotland, has taken part in a glass school in Seattle, and had studio placement in the UK. The biggest influence on her work though, Dziedzic says, is nature: “I think plant life is fascinating. Probably the most beautiful design out there. The patterns and colours found in plants will always inspire me.” And her passion for nature and the ways in which it inspires her works is plain to see when you look at her Root Vegetables exhibition pieces. Never have I seen glass look so gentle and alive as it does in the forms of Dziedzic’s beetroots, turnips, and radishes.


It’s such a lovely thing: to fall in love with a new artist. It’s also exciting to know that you’ve come across a new creative who speaks to you in that inexplicable, heartwarming way that art tends to do. Having done that with the beautiful art of Amanda Dziedzic, I now get to joyfully follow her work and see what new and gorgeous things she creates and shares – and I hope that you do too. Amanda’s works range in price, starting from $170. A list of stockists can be found on her website:

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Dziedzic
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