American Dreamer’s Restless Nights

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to open up your ears for new music, I suggest American Dreamer for your list. The Texas-based quintet just released their first LP, Restless Nights, following their previous EP in 2015, Winding Up A Dream, that took them performing across Central Texas and even managed to grab a Global Music Award along the way.

Sasha, Audrey, Courtney, Dana and Rick offers you a well-crafted album of chamber music, a rich textured and layered harmony. The, both, folk and classical influences doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re one and not the other. In fact, they are striving to create a sound that isn’t either with the hopes of exploring what’s in between.

Sasha Kalre-Ayvazian is responsible for the existence of this politically driven band. It all started with his roommate, who began playing cello along with his songs during his freshman year in Cleveland, Ohio. He then tried to capture the sound through multi-tracking American Dreamers’ 2014 EP. This carried on until he returned to school to get his master’s degree and found new friends who shares the same love for the music. The fact that they were also classically trained string players kind of helped. A lot.

Briefly explaining about their album, Sasha said, “Calling the record Restless Nights is a reference to our band name. The American Dream doesn’t seem to be doing so well at this time, so we wanted to offer a form of respite and spent a lot of time exploring the space we wanted to create.” If you enjoy the sounds of Sufjan Stevens and Yo-Yo Ma, it’s worth giving this band a listen.

Check them out: here.