American Politics: what you need to know before November 11th

2016 will go down in history as the year that hosted the most intense and hyped United States election that the world had ever seen. From constant throwing of accusations, sexual assault allegations and email hacking, to hilarious Saturday Night Live impersonations and flurries of celebrity campaigning, the US Presidential Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has continued to mesmerise every global citizen. However, when asking people what their viewpoints of US politics are, many have no idea what the candidates are actually advocating for – all they know is the media scrutiny.

The US, arguably, continues to be a world leader in contemporary times. Therefore, the next President has some serious decisions to make during her or his term, which could, evidently, affect us all.

Through looking at some of the key policies which each candidate advocates for, a better understanding of what is occurring in the US may be unravelled. By eliminating all the publicity around the election, and purely looking at the core values of the Republican and Democratic parties, more educated opinions can be made about who should be the next President of the United States of America and why.

Donald Trump – Republican Party

The Republican candidate has been scrutinised throughout the world for the duration of his campaign. The initial running of Donald Trump was viewed as a joke by much of the world. However, he has managed to defy the odds and become a very real contender in the election. His views on immigration, women and ISIS have been major points of discussion for many people, with most either being completely for, or completely against his ideology.

Without taking into consideration the public opinion of Donald Trump, and instead looking simply at his party’s’ policies and what he could do for America, an interesting outlook on the Republican Party can be gauged.

The Republican Party’s foreign policy is one which has been the topic of much discussion through the majority of the election campaign. Trump’s statements ‘to build a wall’ and his tough stances on fighting ISIS has swayed many voters both for and against him. His foreign policy is one which exuberates strength and force. The Republican Party advocates for ‘peace through strength’ which would evidently be achieved through building up the military force of the nation. The increased military would also help prevail ISIS. Through working with America’s allies, the Republican Party aims to defeat the ISIS ideology and therefore defeat ISIS. In terms of immigration, the Republican Party’s website only states that it will tighten immigration to keep terrorists out of America and to temporarily suspend immigration from countries known to export terrorists.

Immigration has become a defining policy in the Republican Party’s election campaign. Donald Trump has openly stated the extremities of his ideology which has had the full support of the Party and its supporters. Trump has a ‘10 Point Plan to Put America First’, in which he details his immigration policy. Number one in this plan is to build an ‘impenetrable wall on the southern border of America’ for which Mexico will pay for. This wall is designed to keep out those immigrating from Central and Southern America. The 10 Point Plan has many components to significantly tighten immigration in America. From ending catch-and-release to turning off the jobs and benefits magnets for immigrants, Trump’s radical plan ensures that the immigration policies will be significantly altered from day one of his presidency.

The economic policies of the Republican Party have promised to increase the economy through enhancing jobs. The Party has aims to create 25 million new jobs throughout the next decade in order to boost the economy to a level where Trump can ‘make America great again’. The economy has been a huge concern for many American citizens since events such as the Wall Street crash. Therefore, through the Republican Party’s aims to increase jobs for citizens, much of these worries are eliminated. The plan to create these jobs is through growth in the gross domestic product (GDP), with every one percent increase of the GDP, the economy adds 1.2 million jobs.

Hillary Clinton – Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton is attempting to become the first woman President of the United States of America while also defending the Democratic Party’s reign following Barack Obama’s term in office. Throughout this election, Clinton has upheld strong feministic beliefs and defended her right to the presidency as a woman in the 21st century. However, she has come under fire throughout the election for the contents of her deleted emails, which has evolved into one of the largest scandals in the election. Eliminating these factors and focusing purely on the Republican Party’s core values, the ideology behind Clinton’s campaign can be revealed.

The Democratic Party’s foreign policy aims to defeat ISIS in the battlefield through strengthening the military defences within the United States. In conjunction, with military strength, The Democrats aim to keep and strengthen ties with international allies and to work together with them to dismantle global terror networks. However, the Democratic Party also state that they will be ‘firm but wise’ with non-allied states. For instance, Hillary Clinton says that she is prepared to stand up to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom she labels as a ‘bully’, on significant issues which look to threaten the United States.

In terms of immigration, the Democratic Party has a comprehensive plan to improve the existing immigration system. The Party will comprehensively reform the immigration policy which will lead to a pathway for full and equal citizenship for immigrants whilst also maintaining protection of the United States’ borders. Immigration laws will be enforced ‘humanely’ under Clinton as President and the integration of immigrants will be fully supported. Also, the Democratic Party has a significant aim to protect migrating families into the United States, with those in desperate situations finding protection.

The main component of the Democratic Party’s economic policy is to invest in ‘infrastructure, manufacturing, research and technology, clean energy, and small businesses’. By doing so, the Party aims to increase the American economy. The Party also plans to help students by providing debt-free colleges for all and help those who already have student debts. In conjunction with these policies, the gap between the wealthy and poor Americans will be closed and outdated existing policies will be updated to accommodate for 21st century families. Clinton aims to implement economic measures from day one of her presidency.

Whilst the media circus around the 2016 United States Presidential election cannot be ignored, it is important to gather the facts on what each candidate is actually advocating for. While I am in no way condoning the current or past actions of either candidate, which has been widely documented on, I encourage everyone to thoroughly research both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Because, come November 11th, there will be a new President of the United States of America and that person will have significant global authority.

Image: Arman Zhenikeyev