An Interview With KAPTAN

Recently we got to chat with Nashville’s KAPTAN about his feel-good indie EP, Sprinter. KAPTAN is the solo project of Andrew de Torres, who is known for being the vocalist for Danger Radio and vocalist/guitarist of The Scene Aesthetic. Sprinter is filled with tropical pop infused vibes with dreamy vocals and bouncy, ambient production. The EP explores themes of resiliency and staying optimistic during hard times.

There is a lot of indie-pop music out there but KAPTAN has perfectly remained fresh with his unique sound. The first release off the EP was Anywhere We Go, which is a sunny, upbeat track about a couple who can overcome anything because they have each other. The second single off the EP was Way Out which features airy, pop production, shimmery guitar riffs with sugary vocals and upbeat percussion. KAPTAN described the track was about staying resilient and focused during tough times. One of my favourite tracks off the EP is Let Go which is a gentler track in comparison of the rest of Sprinter, with its dreamy, chill-wave synths and silky vocals. The whole EP is filled with playful production and airy vocals that perfect sets you in a good mood as it explores staying enthusiastic about life no matter the situation.

KAPTAN also just shared a remix of his track Everything by BIYO which transforms the indie-pop track into a vibrant electronic soundscape with an anonymous vocal sample.

Outlet: Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into creating music?

KAPTAN: I am a Norwegian painter, I have 24 years and relate the musician with art. Since childhood music inspires me to paint. When I was 16 I started playing guitar and writing music with friends, since I not only paint, I make music with paint. I consider myself a fan of Pop Art.

O: What led you to begin the KAPTAN project and where did the name come from?

K: It comes from ancient Rome that was the name of a painter, since it came on the music.

O: Has working on your own been a challenge?

K: It is a challenge when I always suggest, is not easy to make music, but when you love forget everything.

O: Your music is very fresh and unique, how did you go about developing and finding your sound?

K: When you listen to music you recognize what is missing in the melodies, that’s where I do the rest.

O: Can you tell us a bit about your EP ‘Sprinter’?

K: It was dedicated to my life experience, I had bad and good moments, it is all that I can say.

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O: The EP explores themes of remaining positive and resilient during difficult times, did you draw on personal experiences and how did you overcome these obstacles?

K: I am an orphan person, I was adopted by great people, but not everything lasts forever. Sometimes it’s hard to believe but today was part of my own family.

O: I read that your track ‘Everything’ was inspired by friends and family that were struggling, is it easier to write about observed experiences rather than your own?

K: My friends always supported me in EVERYTHING, so I dedicate this song as a ‘thank you’.

O: Is it important to you that your music will relate to other people and inspire others to share your enthusiasm about life?

K: My songs tell stories, and is a joy to share my music with others. The most important thing is to want to expel all the world knows who you are and learn from you.

O: In comparison to the other tracks on the EP, ‘Let Go’ is quite mellow, can you tell us a bit about the track and how the writing process came about?

K: It’s my favourite song, the best composed. This song was written by my close friend. When he died I promised to finish the song and since then my memory is more appreciated.

O: There is a lot of imagery in the track ‘Closer Now’, do you consider visuals and images whilst you were writing the track?

K: After finishing the songs, I start to painting while listening to the song, it is an art.

O: What are your plans for 2016 and what can we expect next from KAPTAN?

K: I have a life ahead and many stories to tell, I’m sure I’ll end my first album at the end of the year, a challenge that is in my goals of years.

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