An Interview with Sonagur

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I stumbled upon something truly awesome. An image of two girls in red outfits surrounded by desert. It was the first morsel of Sonagur I found and after about 30 minutes of Internet stalking I was hooked.

A sister duo from Toronto, Sonagur is made up of Gabriela and Melody Hansen. Although they currently only have one single out I can tell these girls are going to be big with the release of a full album to come as soon as possible. ‘Boulders’, their first single, is a drum heavy soulful tune that is filled with amazing vocals. The music video for this is set to be released in the next few months and will feature the red dress desert scene I described earlier- it’s sure to be amazing.


After a brief twitter introduction I asked Melody and Gabriela a few questions about Sonagur and what’s up next for the duo.

Sonagur is such an interesting name, is there a story or meaning behind it?
It’s actually a combination of two words, “son” and “agur”. “Agur” is a name we stumbled upon, meaning ‘collector’, and “son” is the French word for ‘sound’ (which happens to be our first language). So, we like to call ourselves ‘sound collectors’.

What is your creative process like? Does one of you work on lyrics and the other melody or is it more collaborative?

We’ll both write in our own time usually, and then gather what we have and see what we can combine. And when a song is incomplete, we’ll work together to write the missing parts. The melody will either come while jamming or any new pieces Gabriela comes up with on piano or synth. When it comes to recording, every decision is made together. 


A lot of great bands are made up of siblings (HAIM, Hanson, The Kinks). What do you think it is about the sibling dynamic that works in music?

It feels very organic and natural, having grown up together and knowing each other’s likes and dislikes. We know our limits and if we get into an argument, we know how to get past it. We go through a lot of changes together, and we aren’t afraid to show the messy side of ourselves to each other; it feels okay to be vulnerable with the music. 

You only have one song out at the minute, when can we expect more?
We’re releasing our second single within the next month, so definitely keep an eye out for it! And we have plans to record a full-length album as soon as we can.

Along with creating music the girls also make video blogs on their youtube channel providing a behind the scenes look at their lives. I asked Sonagur about these videos and whether they thought that social media was the way of the future for bands and artists.

The video blogs are our way to update listeners with what’s going on in our lives, and a way to show them a part of ourselves that isn’t necessarily ‘pretty’ or ‘curated’. We’ve always admired bands that make video podcasts for their fans, it just becomes more personal knowing what their journey’s like. There’s definitely a desire to be more connected, especially with artists, whether it be through vlogs, Instagram, or even Tumblr. It all comes down to whether or not you want to document your process and reveal those parts of your life.

To stalk Sonagur you can find their amazing

And their newly re-designed website

There are sure to be great things to come from these Canadian sisters!
A big thanks to Melody and Gabriela for the photos and for taking the time to answer my questions!