An Open Letter to “Reverse Racism”

Dear “Reverse Racism”,

I do not wish to make you feel marginalised or victimised (I can imagine the ways in which the system has persecuted you, I’d hate to cause you anymore distress).

I yearn to forge an understanding between myself and you. I need to understand how racism can be reversed.

Racism is not based solely on offensive words and/or comments but more so a systematic form of oppression. One based on superiority. One that hinders the social and economic growth factors within minority communities, one that creates hierarchy and self- rejection within individuals, that greatly affects the quality and quantity of life for minorities. But most importantly, racism is based on fact. Historical fact that somehow, has never faded from the fabric of our society.


So when you, “Reverse Racism” are turned down from a job – I can confidently assure you that it has nothing to do with your race (granted, some work places actually aim for diversity and so that would be the only reason why).

And as 81.9% of the population is White British and only 4% of CEOs amongst 100 FTSE chiefs of BAEM groups, then I can tell you that this is not “Reverse Racism”.

Please tell me how the Show and movie “Dear White People” offends you, “Reverse Racism” the programme title is aimed at a race – yes, I can admit that. However, the themes and topics explored within this are all based on popular prejudice, stereotypes and most importantly, real life experiences. So, if you are offended by people sharing and actually giving their opinion on real things, it does not mean it is racist. You sound sensitive about a situation that is controversial and clearly uncomfortable for you.

My dear friend, the white people within “Dear White People” are being cast as white people. Not like the time Natalie Wood played a Puerto Rican, the time Ben Affleck played J. Mendez, or time Laurence Olivier played Othello (there’s no disputing it – it was blackface). There’s no disputing Hollywood’s Whitewashing ! When was this reversed? Have you experienced Blackwashing, Asianwashing? When did you experience this, “Reverse Racism”? Isn’t it annoying to have your race undermined and unrepresented within the media!

source: Getty/ Huffington Post

I see where you’re going with this and I understand where you’re coming from.

Just because people are not talking of the Irish slaves does not mean that we’re all running around being a “Reverse Racist” or saying that its insignificant- because its not. It is because PoC live in much more of a threat in comparison to Irish people today – this doesn’t make anyone’s history more or less significant. The problem is with racism; history has not become something of the past. It has continued for people of those minority groups.

That is why all lives do not matter. That is why you’re less likely to be stopped and searched based on the colour of your skin rather than (age, sex, class factors).

I see how you can be offended when people make assumptions based on your exterior – I really do. But racism was constitutionalised to marginalise and alienate the minorities – how have we managed to constitutionally reverse this?

Prejudice, Ageist, Classist and Sexist are all things I can understand with but your experience, “Reverse Racism” but this does not hinder the social, economical and political circumstance of your life –the lives of your ancestors, or those of your children.

You see, the thing is, “Reverse Racism” I just find you purposeless I’d see how you’d call this racism. But it’s not.

The very thing that makes racism distinct from discrimination or stereotypical comments is the fact that racism has and is constitutionalised.

Racism isn’t just one thing – it is a system.

A cruel, cruel system that works so seamlessly and ingrains itself into the fabric our minds.

So the thing is, “Reverse Racism” just because someone’s said something hurtful to you, doesn’t automatically mean that all of a sudden, the system (designed by you) has automatically reversed itself and started persecuting you, your ancestors and all those to come.

And I’m not saying that it’s okay for people to make comments based on class, age, race, sex or gender – because its not. And in no way do I wish for you to ever feel ashamed for who your race – embrace it, love it, relish in it – you should never be put in a position where you are made to feel like this – nobody should.

But it just seems like you’re playing the victim when it suits you, and that’s not fair to those who’ve had to endure hundreds of years of systematic oppression because of their race.

I’m just saying.