Anderson .Paak (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Release date: 4 October 2018

Anderson .Paak serves up nostalgic funk that should last us the summer with ‘Tints’

As the weather heats up in the southern hemisphere we’re easily drawn towards feel-good, simple music: the type of tune to play while you’re pulling on new trainers, still energized by the sun. Anderson Paak’s new single takes us to a scene of eternal summer, in which he and Kendrick Lamar roll around California, winding their roofs up to dodge paparazzi.

Paak’s two singles this year show the two equally potent sides of his career: while “Bubblin” was rapid-fire, turn-up rap, “TINTS” is some of the glossiest radio-ready production he’s ever worked with. Though even in a very straightforward pop setting, Paak shows he is incapable of spitting a low-energy hook, and this one could be everywhere this summer, from your backyard barbeque to halftime at the cricket.

The song was announced over the weekend with a retro movie poster, foreshadowing the 80’s synth and disco cowbells laid out by producer Om’Mas Keith. As Paak proved in 2015’s soulful album “Malibu”, this is the kind of smooth funk where his vocals can really shine.

Marking their third collaboration together, fellow Cali-bred Kendrick Lamar shows up for a uncharacteristically uneventful verse, though some props should be given to the observation “I needs tints so I can look at snakes and posers – I need tints ‘cause bomb head is a non-disclosure.” That’s the kind of hedonism we’d expect from 80’s California.  Anderson Paak’s new album, “Oxnard” should be out by the end of the year, before his Australian tour early 2019.