Hi there,

Is your Instagram currently filled with extremely attractive young people holidaying around the world, living in luxurious hotels and swimming in the most pristine beaches you’ve ever laid eyes on?

Are your friends also filling your new feeds with their candid pictures across Europe and their authentic attempt to gain funding to support that luxurious hotel living and pristine beach swimming life? Yea, same.

April this year I made the decision to pack up my life and see this world that everyone keeps talking about. Oh did I mention – I was a poor uni student who monthly (weekly) stole money out of her parent’s room to order pizza and had been cut off by my phone provider approximately 7 times due to unpaid bills.

So, here I am a savour to all you poor af people out there who spent their entire last pay cheque in the first 72 hours. I will be spilling my dirty secrets and cheats on how to see more of the world for less. I will let you know about my mistakes, accommodation, travel and of cause keep you updated with the countries I’m lucky to step foot in.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you and hope to share some, somewhat quality advice so you too can see this beautiful world around us and eat all kinds of pizza. Keep tuned for my next post, which will be all about leprechauns and the luck of the Irish – my favourite place so far.

Ps, If you would like to see some candid pictures of me looking off in the distance of Instaworthy mountains feel free to follow my Instagram – Abbeywright3