APEK Releases Haunting New Single “Supernatural” Featuring Stassi

With a title like “Supernatural” you would expect spooky and scary, but APEK’s most-recent single brings a haunting melodic effect whilst keeping it mainstream pop with Stassi’s sweet vocals and wrapping it all up in a future bass bow. This was released on 9 June 2017 and it’s definitely infected our minds casually.

This is definitely a special present, in every way. Stassi’s vocals are completely lit up throughout, bringing a relaxed vibe, for sure; whilst oozing with power unknowingly. Her vocals are just supernatural in itself and it was definitely the perfect artist to collaborate with.

On first listen, the vocals capture you instantly, from the get-go. It’s not until you realise that the track has some major production effects that you don’t even realise it’s been mixing up time so amazingly; until you, finally, dare to dive under that vocal. APEK has skills, ones we can’t even imagine, and this song will become a treasured song of ours regardless of whether it becomes popular or not.

Of the song APEK said: “This song is really special to me, it captures a little bit of every style of music from my past that has inspired me in my song writing over the years. It brings me back to the feelings I used to have in high school before I was actually writing music, and discovering so much new music from all of my friends. A time in your life when you’re experiencing all of your firsts; your first relationship, first festival, first party, etc. A phase in your life that you only go through once where music impacts you in a really powerful way. To me, this song is a reflection of those feelings that have stuck with me.”

We totally agree with everything he said, this song takes us back to our firsts, upon our first listen. As a whole, this fully works and totally deserves to be a hit – because it sure is in our eyes.

An official lyric video was also dropped by Wave Music. It has already racked up over 40,000 views and counting. The video was created by Joshua P Gilbert, who is also known as @Gilbertdotjpg, and stars model and actress Sabrina Michiko alongside the creator – Joshua P Gilbert. We watch them act as a cute couple spending time together in the sun, whilst the lyrics float across our screens as if they were painted on using a paintbrush. Cute and adorable.

“Supernatural” is out on Enhanced Music, available to stream right now; the download will be available on 23 June 2017.

APEK, real name Joshua Gilbert, is a Californian producer. He is one of the main artists on the Enhanced Music label and has collaborated with Breathe Carolina, Feenixpawl, Cuebrick, amongst others. He’s has over a million streams on some of his songs, most notably “Anywhere But Home” has over 4 million. He has been the support act for Breathe Carolina for years. APEK is ready to make an impact, so prepare yourselves for that day in the near future.

As for Stassi, real name Marie Stassi, she’s also from California and released a debut EP – titled “A Year Ago” – on Bandcamp in August, last year. She also released a single back in 2013, titled “Got Me”, which featured Y’ze. She’s definitely an impressive vocalist; and, with a voice like this she’s bound to have a lengthy career ahead of her.

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