‘Are We Ready’ for the new Two Door Cinema Club?

Guys its finally happening. After three freaking years, Two Door Cinema Club is finally back.

After what has felt like a century, the Irish trio have shared with us the shortest teaser campaign all time for their forthcoming album release Gameshow, alongside their brand new single ‘Are We Ready?’ – a wide-eyed, bass-led groove that has pretty much sent us all into cardiac arrest.

The indie-rock outfit has been quiet ever since the cancellation of their headline slot at Latitude in 2014 but have since been ‘undercover’ hiding out in Northern Ireland as their own tribute band. And as far as tribute bands go, it seems that ‘Tudor Cinema Club’ were pretty convincing – their secret shows selling out in a matter of minutes once being found out. Did you really think you could fool us, lads?

So without that ridiculous cover name, TDCC have risen from the dead, obligingly with a fresh new tune and a fresh new look. (And yes Alex, this implies that hairdo of yours)

But for me and maybe for you, ‘Are We Ready?’ wasn’t at all what was expected. Stepping away from the energetic intensity and melodic bubbliness of their debut record, TDCC has embraced the likes of poppy electronic synths instead – a curve away from their trademark style. Behind the static, the tune comments on a ‘rebellion against consumerism’. When speaking to NME, guitarist Sam Halliday says that the lyrics are a play on “…how the world is going in terms of commercialism and how people are addicted to social media and living on their phones.”

With punchy rhythms and summery guitar riffs, it is quite clear that the bands musicality has evolved over their hiatus. Touches of experimentation with frenetic sound effects appear throughout the track but underneath those dripping guitar motifs and catchy melodies, TDCC’s iconic indie craft lurks.

Like any of TDCC’s jams, “Are We Ready?” is a danceable jewel that will have you buzzing from start to finish. As they say, a great artist will always evolve with their listeners, and in “Are We Ready?’ TDCC has namely done just that. The boys have rejuvenated a sense of promise for indie music with a track that most likely imprints the beginning of a new era – one that has Fifa 17 written all over it.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been an impatiently painful three years – but good things come to those who wait right?

After rocking it out at Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage last weekend, you can catch the boys on their summer festival circuit at Southside, Out of the Woods, Lollapalooza and Reading & Leeds – just to name a few.

Make sure to pre-order their forthcoming album Gameshow on iTunes, set for release on October 14th.


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