BANKS Is Back and “Better” Than Ever

After critics and fans alike had their minds blown by her debut album Goddess, BANKS has returned with another smash. It’s a seductive, raspy-toned power ballad called “Better”. It’s funny. A few weeks prior, the alternative seductress had posted a Soundcloud link to a collaboration that she’d done with TĀLA, a new UK act. The collaboration, entitled “Wolfpack”, sounds like a mixture between what BANKS had done on her debut album, but with TĀLA’s Persian flair. The chorus is explosive and brilliant and our Goddess throws some daggers at a mystery “little copycat”.

I sat there, listening to this banger and I wondered to myself: how can she top this? What could be better than this infusion of Persian pop and stimulating synth? Well, there is something better. Her new single, which we assume is the first – if not lead single – from her forthcoming sophomore album, is called “Better”. I’m in love with this song. The way that she slides through the silky verses with her gritty voice is just so perfect, along with the production that seems to be in the vein of her previous singles “Waiting Game” and “Brain”.

She released the video shortly after and pun being fully intended, its pure gold. I say this because in the video, where we do see BANKS, she’s singing while covered in what looks like chipped gold paint. And even then, she looks elegant and flawless. There’s something about her and the way she just floats through every video, song or even live performance. She uses her voice, especially that raspy grit, in a way that evokes emotion to the fullest capacity.

The thing about this new sound, the way she’s utilized the tools in her belt, is that it’s not really a new sound. It’s not like she’s flipped everything on its rear and decided to make pop bangers constantly. She’s evolved from Goddess and the sound that she’d created there. This feels like if “Waiting Game” or “Brain” were a child, that child has hit its teen years. It’s evolving, hitting what may be musical adolescence. She’s exploring her sexuality more, as seen through the video’s naked bodies and the general theme of being the other woman.

BANKS is growing as an artist and her music is growing with her. It’ll be interesting to see where she’ll go from here. She’s currently performing as an opening act for The Weeknd’s Madness Tour, so maybe will prompt a collaboration. All we do know is that we’re seeing a new form of BANKS and it’s worth watching. If this is anything to expect from her sophomore album, I’m going to preorder that as soon as I’m able. I’ve seen it floating around the internet that we should be expecting an album “very very early next year”, but those rumors are rarely reliable. But if they are, we will be seeing much more from Miss Jillian Banks.

If you haven’t taken a chance to listen, or this is the first you’re hearing of her, sell that rock you’ve been living under and buy “Better” on iTunes. You won’t regret it.

Watch ‘Better’ below:

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Nov 07
Auburn Hills, Mi – The Palace Of Auburn Hills
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Nov 09
Philadelphia, Pa – Theatre Of Living Arts

Nov 11
Newark, Nj – Prudential Center
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Nov 12
Worcester, Ma – Dcu Center
W/ The Weeknd

Nov 14
Uncasville, Ct – Mohegan Sun
W/ The Weeknd

Nov 15
Washington, Dc – Verizon Center
W/ The Weeknd

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