BANKS returns with new single ‘Underdog’


L.A based artist BANKS has returned after a small break and a series of on-going tours with a new release that calls for some serious celebration. “Underdog” premiered on Apple’s Beats1 with host Zane Lowe and released on September 28th as an electro-pop sensation with sharp lyrics and an addictive melody, adding to Banks’ already growing discography.

Always aiming to explore new territories of music and compelling genres, BANKS remains one of those ever-changing and ever elusive artists that keep you crawling back for more, whether you like it or not. With her previous releases of her slow and heart-wrenching single ‘Crowded Places’ to her experimentally dark sophomore album The Altar back in 2016, this new track is surprisingly upbeat, bright almost, and dedicated to all the under appreciated, unassuming and unfavoured underdogs of the world. Through a stabbing synth and even some snarling that awakens the beast inside, the pop singer reunited with producer Al Shux, who had previously worked with her for her 2016 release of ‘Fuck with Myself’.

As BANKS stated of the song coming together, “I was in a really ferocious mood…There’s a beast inside of me that I haven’t let out fully. And I still haven’t, but I’m allowing it to poke its head above the water a little bit more. And I feel like that feels free, and that’s why I feel so free right now.”

Defying all expectations on her rare and raw talent and artistry, BANKS was praised by Complex back in early September for her gradual power and force of the pop world and applauding her for her exploration of the ‘ambiguous borders of pop and experimental electronic music’. As well as her music, several publications and names in the music industry have noted Banks for her incredibly enigmatic stage presence as a spectacle that can only be experienced in the flesh.

This year alone, BANKS has wowed critics, crowds, as well as new and old fans for her growth in music and stage lives – through vocals, visuals and choreography. Appearances at Coachella, Lollapalooza and even the Governor’s Ball are all signs that Banks is not slowing down, and Underdog proves to be a mere indication of what’s to come for 2018.

In addition to the release of her highly addictive new song, BANKS had also hinted through her Beats1 interview of a tentative collaboration (of several songs, hopefully!) with American rapper 6lack and even Marilyn Manson. So that’s more waiting, but it’ll be all worth the while.