Bleeding Knees Club Return With “Chew The Gum”

It’s been three years since we last heard from the boys of Bleeding Knees Club and on Monday night, the Gold Coast rockers finally finished their musical hibernation and graced us with a raucous new track.

Premiered on Triple J’s Good Nights with Linda Marigliano was “Chew the Gum”, the latest single from Bleeding Knees Club. This new track has been taken from their forthcoming EP, “Chew the Gum” which will be released on April 14.

If the news of the return of Bleeding Knees Club didn’t make you weep, then this new track probably will because it’s THAT freaking good. “Chew the Gum” is rowdy, catchy, funky and super spicy, much like the entirety of their musical repertoire.

While Jordan Malone has sadly stepped down from BKC duties, frontman Alex Wall has taken over the reins alongside new members Gio Alexander, Michael Barker and Nick Leighton, providing us those scuzzy garage rock sounds.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s 16 year old self is super stoked for the return of Bleeding Knees Club, because I know mine sure as hell is.

Listen to Chew the Gum here…