Breathing in Dan Lipton

Dan Lipton came to from Washington, DC with his fresh sound of folk and country, wrapped in poetic words. His latest album, Breathing In, can almost be a representation of his life’s journey through music. From Atlanta to Brooklyn then back to DC and from rented cabins in Maine to Virginia. Every single journey helped him gather what was needed to build this album; every song in this album is a story.


Listening to Dan Lipton is like listening to Jeff Buckley or Ray LaMontagne. “Whiskey And Wine” is the perfect example of that combination. Dan started making music when he was a teenager and he’s also 1/3 of a folk-pop trio, Dreaming Isabelle, that’s been going under the radar for the last 6 years, which became Dan’s excuse to go back to writing songs.

Again, this album was supposed to capture Dan’s real life journey, exploring new places or just that one time where he found himself doing something more often than usual. Such as, watching TV because it’s snowing outside, in Brooklyn, and you’re somewhat trapped at home. The track “Television” would tell you more about this.

Personally, I think “Dark Water” is what represents Dan the best. It brings out the storyteller in him as well shows his vocal skills supported by that perfect arrangement of tunes.


At the moment, Dan is still busy promoting “Breathing In” but he’s also working on some new songs. Check out his website to see where and when you might be able to catch him.


Photo Courtesy Dan Lipton