Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea: Girls, You’re Both Pretty


But this song isn’t.
I want to like this song. I want to love it, actually. Britney has done what every pop star wants to achieve. She’s the princess of pop music and a real icon, but this just doesn’t do it for me. Her most recent album Britney Jean was a complete letdown compared to the mega-success that was Femme Fatale. Sure, “Work B****” and “Perfume” were major successes, but the rest of the album just felt like cliché pop music thrown together just to say “hey, here’s an album” and hope it does well.
That’s precisely what I find wrong with her new single “Pretty Girls”. It seems so rushed together and auto tuned to high heaven. The production isn’t anything special and the chorus is the stereotypical cheerleader chant style that’s becoming so popular in pop music. I wouldn’t mind the chanting if it weren’t for how strained and nasal Britney sounds. That, and it’s such a short song. Coming in at just under three minutes, it seems like they just rushed everything together just so Britney could get her spotlight back.
This brings me to my next issue with this song: Iggy. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really fond of the rapper in general. I liked “Change Your Life” and even “Fancy” was pretty decent, but as a whole, I’m not really into her raps. There’s always something lacking in her verses for me, but that’s not why I have an issue with her on this song. She just seems so out of place here. Her parts just seem like she’s talking, not rapping. Plus, her verse is so short. It’s less than thirty seconds long.
In my opinion, this song may do well on the charts for a little due to Britney and Iggy having such loyal fanbases, but when it comes to the actual quality of the song itself, it falls completely flat.