Brockhampton release video for “New Orleans”, filmed in Sydney and featuring you (maybe)

Brockhampton have utilised a DIY aesthetic their whole existence, from their in-house production to handheld music videos. None of these has come close to the amount of manic energy and effective simplicity of their new clip, “New Orleans”, shot amongst the hordes of Aussie fans at their Sydney show last week.

Members of the band move in and out of the sweaty, yet politely space conscious, young crowd, with an energy that made them one of the year’s hottest tickets. It’s raucous, infectious and will make you very, very bummed if you missed out.

The track itself will be played at Brockhampton shows forever: it’s a frenetic, warning siren that opens their new album ‘Iridescence like listeners should be ducking for cover.  Get hype from the comfort of your living room.