I Been Born Again

I Been Born Again

Release date: 1 August 2019

Brockhampton return with a slow-burning single off their forthcoming album GINGER

Confronting and injected with attitude, the has delivered a powerful addition to their burgeoning discography

Situated underneath punchy piano chords and a spiky 808 bassine, ‘I Been Born Again’, the latest single off the forthcoming album GINGER, sets the group apart with some mixed and unsure feelings that can’t be ignored. 

‘I Been Born Again’ delves quickly into a deep, dark and fruitful production sense. The lyrics establish themselves as somewhat mysterious with all members delivering raw and prickly verses steeped in a signature Texas flow. Pulling back and forth underneath the rough instrumental, the group pass the torch between each other and ignite momentum with what can best be identified as a medium-intensity approach to a rap track. Bearface steps up for introduction duties, fearfully whispering a verse before Kevin Abstract’s monotonous approach delves into sharp lyrics leaning toward hip hop glamorisation. This continues throughout the remainder of the track until Matt Champion ties things up with a lengthy outro.

Ultimately, the track’s main point is the frightening piano chords, horror film synth stabs and striking drum programming – far outweighing the lyrical content and overall energy displayed on the song. Lyrically, ‘I Been Born Again’ stamps out hope for Brockhampton fans expecting a go-to-war return from the group, however, there are still remnants of the battlefield tactics deployed by hip hop collectives in modern rap and fans can expect more once the full GINGER album is revealed. 

Listen to ‘I Been Born Again’ below…


Image credit: RCA records press photo