Bruno Major Releases ‘Cold Blood’ Video

British songwriter Bruno Major has dropped a very aesthetic video for single ‘Cold Blood’. Released as part of his ‘A Song For Every Moon’ project, the video follows the emotional journey of a businessman who gets lost on the way to work, but ends up much happier for it.

The ‘Song For Every Moon’ project involved Major writing and releasing one song every month, a task he said was “intense” but also “the most important experience of his life”. ‘Cold Blood’ was the second-to-last song released under the project, and is a mix of raw acoustic vocals and dreamy electronic beats.

The video, directed by Louis Bhose, is a pretty good match for Major’s track. Shot on 16mm film, it’s a compelling story that manages to be beautiful at the same time. The 16mm does wonders in the low light shots, and every shot is very well framed, particularly the long shots showcasing the landscape around our “businessman”. The handheld shakes of the camera also add a lot to the clip – it’s usually something I hate, but in this case it’s worked really well.

With such a well-made video for a great track, I’d definitely like to see some more from Bruno Major. Sold out shows in the U.S. and UK tell me that he’s definitely not one to sleep on, so if Australian shows are ever on the cards it might be worthwhile getting a ticket.

Watch the video for ‘Cold Blood’ below…