‘California’ – Grimes’ new prismatic visual

Our fav Canadian gal, Grimes is back at it again with another sequined kaleidoscopic visual for her latest release, ‘California’ – the newest clip taken off her hugely successful LP Art Angels. Six months since its release, it seems that the album hasn’t yet outlived its replay-ability. From the anime nightmare ‘Kill V. Maim’ to the effervescent combo ‘Flesh Without Blood/ Life in the Vivid Dream’ it seems that it was time for a little bit of a revival – and oh boy gal are we glad that you are back.

By the sounds of the title you would think that this clip would be brimming with typical West Coast novelties. But, if you are indeed familiar with the characteristic style of our dear friend Grimes, you should know by now to always expect the unexpected – and let me tell you, this ‘California’ ain’t at all as dreamy and daisy duke filled as Katy Perry’s Californian gurl world.

Like every other one of her masterpieces, ‘California’ is a self-directed visual that is sculpted through a world of technicolour – a 3-minute and a half glimpse into the dreamscapes of every bored art student. Filmed between LA and Paris the video features a teleportation of whimsical landscapes and personalities. With a whole lot of shimming and frolicking in a number of breezy, funky outfits, ‘California’ is a Grimes affair that we both know and love.

From channeling her inner country glam (glistening in pure rhinestone joy) to sculpting renaissance like-art, (which of course has to be done uniformly in plaid and a beret) to cutting loose with some spirited ribbon dancing in a gymnasium, ‘California’ is as Grime-sy as you could get – a fusion of dizzying visuals that in every way beats that mainstream pan of those palm trees on Rodeo Drive. And just to put the cherry on top, the clip also features some cheeky cameos from indie favs such as Megan James of Purity Ring, musician HANA, musician Born Gold, model Eric Cheng, and not to forget Grimes’ talented bro Mac Boucher.

I warn you though, upon clicking play you must know that the sweet version of ‘California’ that you are so familiar with in Art Angels has indeed been tweaked. The once flamboyant album version has been traded with stripped down beats and glittery, dreamy synths all whilst Grimes’ voice drowns in shallow ocean echoes. Grimes hit up twitter to explain her reasoning behind it, saying that she felt that the original track was “dissonant” with the clip and failed to elicit visuals in her mind.

But nevertheless, it’s still a killer tune and admittedly I may even like it just a tad more than the original. Have a peek at the video below.

After just performing at Coachella and heading out on tour with Florence and the Machine this coming month, Grimes’ horizon is glistening and sparkling with impressive things yet to come.

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