Camila Cabello x Pharrell Williams Collab Gets Fruity in Single “Sangria Wine”

Pick your anthem for this summer — and if you choose Camila Cabello x Pharrell Williams’ single “Sangria Wine”, then you’re in for a sweet, punchy time.

Following the success of her hit single “Havana” and debut album “Camila”, the 21-year-old singer had just released the single “Sangria Wine” featuring the Grammy Award-winning singer and producer Pharrell Williams.

The track’s combination of the alluring salsa-coated rhythm with playfully sexy lyrics reveals a sensual side of Camila Cabello: “Move my body like it is a pipe. Tutti Frutti, is all that I got. Counter-clockwise, I’m mixin’ it up (mixin’ it up). Sip it, sip it, I’ll bet that you blush”

The televised debut performance of the song, which took place last Sunday at the Billboard Music Awards 2018, showcased verses of a contrasting floral-themed Pharrell Williams and an all-black outfit Camila Cabello that ended with an intensely-choreographed and vocally technical performance of “Havana”. Camila Cabello also won “Chart Achievement” among the four nominations she received this year, notably for “Best Female Artist” and and “Best New Artist”.

The release marks not only artistic development since his chart-topping debut album, but also it shows Camila Cabello’s persistence as a solo artist since his split from the girl group Fifth Harmony in 2016.

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