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Just last month Cautious Clay aka Josh Karpeh re-released his Blood Type EP with an added bonus track, ‘Stolen Moments’. We caught up with Josh to chat about his EP, NYC’s Baby’s debut show and the importance of  emotional intelligence within relationships.

For those just discovering your music, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and how you got started as a musician?

I really always had an interest in music since I can remember, just being creative in general was something I loved to do as a kid whether it was writing stories, painting, art, etc. Instrument-wise, I started out as a flute player taking private lessons then moved to saxophone for a jazz band.

You re-released Blood Type EP with a added track ‘Stolen Moment’, can you tell us a bit more about the process of bring that track to fruition and your decision behind adding it to the EP?

I really wanted to do a ballad and hadn’t finished it in time so I figured adding it to the EP would be best. This song was super personal and felt important for me to include so I had to finish it. I also had to try and underproduce this track so it was definitely a nice perspective and a bit of a challenge more so than the other productions in the EP.

You had your first live debut last month at NYC’s Baby’s! Tell us your biggest takeaway from performing live and things you would do different next time(if there are any)?

Performing live was super fun because the whole crowd was there to see me in the first place so I basically just had to be myself on stage. Not sure I would do anything differently as it will just get more natural as time goes on.

‘Stolen Moments’ is a great ballad, filled with emotions and really showcases your songwriting compatibilities. How does the songwriting process start for you? Do you start with lyrics first and then bring in other elements?

It was interesting because this song started out as a poem and then I fit the song to a chord sequence I had made on a midi keyboard. I usually write in a stream of consciousness and then go back and fix everything to make sense later on so it definitely works in parts. Other times it really is all at once.

You sing “I think that loneliness would serve us well”, do you feel like sometimes we’re scared of being lonely that we compensate by getting in bad relationships?

Definitely. People need to realize how important emotional intelligence is to the relationships we involve ourselves in. This line directly relates to the necessity for solitude in order for real emotional growth to occur between people. There’s always a balancing act when you have personal goals and relationships and you just have to find what works for you.

There is a certain sadness to these songs, which is overlayed with hazy beats. What do you want to express through your music?

I want to express the multifaceted relationships that people have and the realities of finding an identity. I also want people to like listening for the distinct rhythms I am bringing in and how I present it live.

Would you say Blood Type is a better representation of your sound as an artist in comparison to some of your earlier material?

It definitely brings together all of the influences I have had throughout my life vs my other material, which was less mature I would say.

I feel like this EP also showcases growth from a personal level but also within relationships. So far, what’s been the biggest learning point in your life and how has that shaped you as an artist?

I would saying learning the value of just being yourself and not getting caught up in what other people are doing.

Who are your top 5 artist to watch for 2018?

Still woozy, April + vista, Amber Mark, Soft Glas, Mac Ayres

Zane Lowe recently mentioned you – “A 24 year old with a very, very bright future ahead of him.” What does a bright future look like to you?”

Always hard to say but I know that I wanna make a shift in how people think, and also keep creating on my own terms.


Blood Type is out now!

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