Clearly Cool Brand: Clarified Designs

Rachel and Francesca’s little bottles of bliss hark back to another time, another place. The pair behind Clarified Designs have managed to perfectly blend style and esoteric Eastern medicine. Their product is elegant in its simplicity: little brown bottles, strung with leather to be worn as necklaces.

22Courtesy of Clarified Designs

The bohemian brilliance behind the design, however, is cased inside the bottles – they’re filled with aromatherapy oils.

The girls – and it’s impossible to attribute their words to either party, such is their ‘yin and yang’ connection – sum up their label by saying, “Clarified Designs is a company that uses the spiritual properties of essential oils to aid one in moving through life.” The highlight in their range is the option to ‘individualise’ a necklace.

The pair interview each of their clients to glean the depths and breadths of their essence.

23Courtesy of Clarified Designs

“Through the interview process, we ascertain what the customer wants and hopes their blend to help them with. This can include a range of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental therapeutic benefits. “Essential oils, traditionally have many therapeutic benefits, however, not many are aware of their powerful ability to transform emotions, bring about luck, abundance or love, and help with gaining clarity on a life purpose.”

The girls say that the appeal of aromatherapy is that “It’s a fantastic non-invasive way of healing yourself as it literally works through smell. “Not only that, it is a sensory experience, a delight, you can have it filling your room, wafting out from the steam of your bath (or wear it around your neck)”

It hasn’t all come up smelling of roses, though. Rachel and Francesca have learned a lot about running a business, and have come to understand that “the best way to market our product is to spread awareness of the brand to other likeminded souls”