Con Conn Was Impatient

Con Conn Was Impatient

Connan Mockasin
Release date: 22 August 2018

Connan Mockasin releases “Con Conn Was Impatient”, announces new album and film

Fans are about to get a whole lot of Connan Mockasin. After a five-year wait between solo records, the dreamy-psych songwriter released a new track and video, “Con Conn Was Impatient”. The slow-burn single comes from the forthcoming “Jassbusters”, a concept album out October, which will be released alongside a five-part film directed by and starring Mockasin, “Bostyn ‘N Dobsyn”.

Since his last solo release, 2013’s ‘Caramel’, the New Zealand-born artist has been building a strong case for Your Favourite Band’s Favourite Band, recording, performing and touring with everyone from Vince Staples to James Blake and Mac Demarco.

The video for “Con Conn Was Impatient”, which shares footage from his upcoming film, is typical of Mockasin’s visual style, equal parts unsettling, arousing and camp. Shots of the live band gleam like the lens has been caked in Vaseline. There are big wigs, retro outfits and a lot of sexual yearning.

Also returning are his pitch-bending solos, inimitable falsetto and guitar lines so heavily drenched in chorus it sounds like they’ve been dragged through molasses, all of which have helped Mockasin carve out a very recognizable niche in modern psychedelic music.

Sex has often played into his aesthetic (see the incredible video for “I’m the Man, That Will Find You”), and there’s a good argument that Mockasin has the sexiest body of work in indie music right now. So it’s obvious what “Con Conn” is “Impatient” for. The lyrics are fine (“It’s late, I need you tonight”), if not irrelevant, because it’s the vibe that does the talking. The retro production, laid-back drums and slinky bass shimmer like the last cigarette left in the ashtray.    

You can hear the massage oils coming out and plans being cancelled. It’s a great track for a night in, and it only gets better with more plays.

Preorder “Jassbusters” here