Crooked Colours Supported by Muto + Vincent Sole @ The Corner Hotel Melbourne 06/08/2017

The unique electronic three-piece Crooked Colours burst onto the scene in 2013 when they were handpicked by triple j Unearthed to perform at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Following this accomplishment, they went on to release multiple breakout singles – earning Hype Machine #1’s and curating over six million streams.

On June 23rd, Crooked Colours announced the release of their highly-anticipated debut album Vera. Vera contains the bands best work yet; demonstrating diverse layered productions and proving that Crooked Colours is one of Australia’s hottest rising acts on the electronic scene.

Following the announcement, the band set out on their Vera National Album Tour visiting cities all across the country including two shows at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel on the 5th and 6th of August.

The show opened with 19-year-old Melbourne-based solo artist Vincent Sole who came onto the stage with a buzzing energy despite the audience still pouring into the venue. With just himself and his equipment on stage, he had the perfect stage presence as an opening act to captivate the crowd. With his fun electronic beats, sultry voice and funky dance moves, Vincent Sole had the crowd moving to the beat in no time, with even some of the crowd singing along to his 2017 single ‘Deep End’. It was clear during his performance that he is comfortable on stage and knows exactly what he is there to do, Vincent Sole is definitely one to keep watching in the future.

Vincent Sole @ Corner Hotel
Courtesy of Lucinda Martin

With the bar already set high, Muto kept the crowd dancing while barely saying a word between songs. With groovy yet relaxing beats, the music he creates is somewhat reminiscent of a movie or video game soundtrack. It is clear that Muto really believes in the music he creates as throughout his entire set he was amerced in his equipment and moving as if it were a part of him and the music was coming from inside him. Within his set, he unveiled a remix of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ which I found especially impressive as the remix turned the song into a dance number without changing the mood or meaning that comes with it.

Muto @ Corner Hotel
Courtesy of Lucinda Martin

With the Corner Hotel now well and truly packed to the brim – which is quite impressive for a Sunday night, Crooked Colours began with a dramatic introduction of sirens and strobe lights before fading them into their 2014 single ‘Come Down’. The entire set was wisely curated featuring nine of the ten tracks from Vera with a few previous singles also thrown in – as crowds tend to love jamming to the songs they already know.

The audience seemed to most enjoy the first single from Vera ‘Flow’ as well as 2014 single ‘Capricious’ as these were the songs that received the biggest welcomes. The crowd was quite a rowdy one for a Sunday night with a few shoeys being done here and there but Crooked Colours still managed to keep them at bay. It became clear during the set that they certainly know how to work a crowd as every single person in the room was at the very least bobbing their head and at some points, the crowd would sway in sync as if it were one whole being.

Crooked Colours @ Corner Hotel 1
Courtesy of Lucinda Martin

Not only does the band create an immense connection with the audience but they also seem to have an incredible dynamic between one another, even at times moving in sync with one another which only made the entire performance that much better. Even when Ivan Ooze was invited up on stage for the newest single ‘I Hope You Get It’ the dynamic remained, with Ivan Ooze only adding to the energy with his superior stage presence.

Crooked Colours w Ivan Ooze @ Corner Hotel
Courtesy of Lucinda Martin

The set ended with ‘Flow’ and the audience roared for “one more song” and to their delightful surprise they were gifted with two as Crooked Colours ended the show with a double encore consisting of the 2015 banger ‘Another Way’ and the closing song of the new album ‘Perfect Run’.

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Photo Credit Lucinda Martin