Dani Robert is floating through “Clouds” with her debut single

It has been a month since Dani Robert dropped her debut single and everyone is still loving it to this day. “Clouds” is one of those songs that you didn’t know you needed to hear until you actually listen to it. It has this power over you that delivers with every single play.

Blending genres is definitely becoming the future of music as the years continue to go by and more unique tracks appear. This one is just another great experiment fusing piano-based pop with folk and EDM to create a truly remarkable song.

The title represents the lyrics beautifully; the repeated chorus certainly feels like clouds in the sky because not all clouds look the same even though they are made the same way. This chorus delves deeper and deeper the more we hear it and Dani Robert’s beautiful voice empowers the emotion as the song nears its end.

Of the song Dani said: “’Clouds’ demonstrates the challenge of speaking what’s in your heart, exploring vulnerability, the subjectivity of human connection, love, and time.”

The music video is shot in black and white and watches a lifelong friendship start from toddlers and build into fully-grown adults who clearly only see each other now and again; yet, it’s clear they have grown fond of one another through time although they aren’t confident to step past the line of friendship.

The song was produced by Kyngs, Mic Tee, and Bryan ‘BC’ Cockett; whilst the music video, itself, was directed by Gord Poon and Long Truong. It was released on 11 July 2017 and has amassed over 2,600 YouTube views and over 179,300 Spotify streams to date.

We highly suggest you download or stream “Clouds” right now, it’s what we’ve been doing recently.

Dani Robert is a 25-year-old singer/songwriter from the farming lands of Pain Court, Ontario, Canada; but now lives in Toronto. She learned to play the piano during her early years and by the time she was seven she was writing her own music. Her passion for this lead her to become a music therapist.

She said: “The opportunity to use my songwriting as a way to not only express myself, my thoughts, ideas, my purpose, but to do that for others is undeniably one of the greatest gifts I have been given.”