Do you feel like a man, when you push her around?


Something that has been at the forefront of the social conscience in Australia recently is Domestic Violence. And rightly so. Thankfully this is an opinion based blog and not an edited news service, so I can say what I really think. I think that any man who lays a hand on a woman is a wretched, pitiful, shameful excuse for a person. Under no circumstance should domestic violence ever be tolerated. Thank God for services like White Ribbon.

Do you feel like a man / when you push her around? / do you feel better now / as she falls to the ground?

What I love about this song is that two things are happening. Firstly, the song is challenging any man who has been cowardly enough to abuse his partner. Secondly, it is throwing a light on the fact that we as a society can help. When we see something we suspect might be an instance of domestic violence, we have a responsibility to speak up.

I see what’s going down / cover up with make up in the mirror

No one who hasn’t experienced this kind of abuse can possibly imagine what it would be like. But perhaps the best thing about this song is that it ends with a hopeful message.

Well I tell you my friend / as your lies crumble down / a new life she has found

Perhaps appropriately, this track has a very aggressive tone. I can’t imagine anything else working. It fits because when I hear about the constant stream of domestic violence cases that seem to be infesting our society I get angry. And I encourage you, any men who might happen to read this blog post, get angry alongside me. We cannot tolerate this any longer. I, for one, do not want to imagine a society in which a woman’s natural disposition is one of fear caused by the vile behaviour of a few. I don’t want to have to explain to my future dates that no, I’m not dangerous. No, I haven’t ever laid a hand on a woman. If we want to avoid this bleak view of the future then we must act now. Call these bastards out. Stop this putrid social disease in its tracks. I am all for gender equality, but I believe on this one, we men must take the lead.

In the same way that racism in wrong, that homophobia is wrong, a man choosing to believe he has the right to physically assert his power over a woman is wrong. It comes down to equality. So if, like me, you believe that all humans are equal, lend your voice to this cause.