Drunk & dis-orderly: Post night out binging

We’ve all been there after a night out. The lights are on and it’s time to head home but there is one last thing to do in order to complete the night- food. Greasy, carb loaded, calorie rich food and WE MUST HAVE IT.

During day to day sobriety, such cravings can be controlled but in the early drunken hours inhibitions are long gone and all control is lost: the need for a late night feast always prevails, adding the nights empty calorie intake to something beyond what anyone ever wants to think about. Not to mention a considerable amount of food guilt the next day.

So why is it that we mindlessly consume so much bad food after a heavy night?

It tricks your tastebuds

I cannot recall ever once saying “I could murder a salad” after a night out. Countless research has proven that alcohol enhances the taste of salt and fat which is why foods such as kebabs, pizza and fries taste extra good when we are drunk. We are programmed to enjoy fatty and sugar filled foods more than those without so when we lack inhibition and awareness we naturally want to fill ourselves with those exact foods and won’t feel any guilt until the following day.

You never feel full after drinking

Your body takes a while to recognise the calories in alcohol which is also why it’s often recommended to eat before you drink. Not eating before drinking not only often leads to sickness but will also leave you hungry, meaning that late night stop off it more likely.

The harms it can cause

I understand that when we’re drinking this information will be the last thing you think of but it’s not just the waistband late night binging can hurt. Alcohol loosens digestive muscles that help keep food down and oily, greasy food can provoke acid reflux- bringing all the food back up and extensive heartburn. Salty foods will also dehydrate you which is already happening to your body through alcohol consumption. During a night out drinking, the body’s ability to reabsorb water decreases and loses more fluid than normal through increased urination. So a high salt intake on top of this will guarantee a heavy head the next day, nausea and dry mouth- a bad hangover basically.

Like I said I doubt any of this information will register, but for the more health conscious out there, it’s good to have a few facts and for those like I who suffer the worst of hangovers, avoiding those salty cravings may also make our Sunday recovery days a little more bearable.

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Lee
Photo Courtesy of Matt MacGillivray