Elöise – alt R&B’s new lovechild

If you haven’t already noticed, we are currently in the midst of an era dominated by extraordinary alt-R&B/pop female talent. The genre has experienced a renaissance in the past few years from the contemporary dream-pop of Lana del Rey to the enigmatic dark R&B of Banks. With a genre so meticulous yet experiential, it is quite hard to stumble over a voice that pierces through the disarray of others rocking formulated lyrics and cloned styles. However, within this uniform cladded bunch, a girl by the name of Elöise shines right through with her spellbinding debut ‘Studio 54’.

17 year old, Suffolk local, Elöise is not just a girl, but, an artist defying her youth with incredible poetic and mystic vocals all whilst studying her A-levels. Born into a family of artists and creatives, Elöise has developed not only a hypnotising musical sound but also a personal aesthetic distinctive of no one other but herself. With acclaim from BBC Introducing, it will come as no surprise that the release of her debut single, ‘Studio 54’ will be firmly cemented in both your playlist and mine.

Within the opening lines of ‘Studio 54’, it is clear that Elöise nods to the darker side of R&B as haunting synths create an atmospheric echo amidst the nostalgic voice of the songstress herself.  Musing about the “showy birthday party culture of people”, Elöise takes charge of the track with her raw and honest vocals as a deep bass pulses throughout the veins of the track. Her vocals are looped and raw as she croons about the time-stopping nature of midnight right before the track takes a mellower turn and ends with the stunning sound of Elöise’s voice among a split air of silence.

Elöise’s debut single, ‘Studio 54’, is everything and more than you would expect from a youth with a killer talent for alt-R&B/pop. As a collective, the song oozes a confident and full-bodied musical landscape with shadows of moody menace – a combination that envelopes the listener in to her raw and cinematic world. The pairing of a spellbinding voice with angsty lyrics makes for midnight melodies perfect for late nights and lightning-stricken days. Establishing herself as an artist far beyond her years, Elöise’s, ‘Studio 54’ evokes an intrigue among listeners, consequently setting herself up for big and exciting things to come.

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