Had Enough of Silly Love Songs? – Here Are Eight Songs About More Pressing Topics

If you’re a hardcore hopeless romantic or even a hopeful romantic, you may have come to the wrong place. Romantic themes have always been the range in all kinds of entertainment from romantic novels, tv comedies and yes, love songs. It’s not hard to see why there’s such a market for those glossy, cheesy love lyrics. Everyone gets in some kind of relationship at some point so it’s relatable and relevant material. People fall out of love as much as they fall in love so lonely lover and bitter break up songs are easy products to sell as well.

For those who are sick of all those love and break up songs (sorry, Taylor), here is a list of songs and artist that centre their specific genres about more complex, unusual and in some cases controversial and vitally important topics.

If you feel as if I’ve missed some (and I definitely have), retweet this article with your favourite uplifting/empowering/revealing/descriptive song so this list can grow.

Scar – Missy Higgins

“A triangle trying to squeeze through a circle. You’d cried to cut me, so I’d fit.”

Wafia – Bodies

Across the Lines – Tracy Chapman

“Little black girl gets assaulted, ain’t no reason why. Newspaper prints the story and racist tempers fly”

Pulling Teeth – Green Day

“She comes to check on me, making sure I’m on my knees”

I know we said we weren’t going to talk about relationships but there aren’t nearly enough songs about domestic abuse.

Because of You – Kelly Clarkson

“I was so young, you should have known better than to lean on me”

Same Love – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert

“It’s human rights for everybody, there is no difference. Live on! And be yourself!”

Imagine – John Lennon

“I hope someday, you’ll join us and the world will live as one.”

If you are surprised, then please leave… do I even need to explain why? This song is the ultimate cry for world peace and love with its simple melody combined with John Lennon’s beautiful voice.