Eurovision Semi-Final 1: The Winners Who Qualified

Eurovision started with a bang, these ten acts made it through to this weekend’s final.

Hungary’s Freddie – “Pioneer”

Looking a bit like Ben Haenow, Freddie sings a strong but simple song, that stands out amongst the many ballads this year. A stylish and relaxed performance, this is quite average. Freddie will have to put on the charm to have a real shot at winning this competition.

Croatia’s Nina Kraljić – “Lighthouse”

Crazy dress reminiscent of the lantern room at the top of a lighthouse, the performance continues as the dress is ripped off her revealing an even more weird dress that slightly reminds me of electricity in a bulb. This failed performance wise, the revealing of the second dress wasn’t in time or in sync, this needs to be performed perfectly this weekend. The song itself is average at best, vocals are on point but the song lets it down.

Netherlands’ Douwe Bob – “Slow Down”

Bringing a bit of country folk to the Eurovision Stage, Douwe Bob got twitter talking when the music paused and he said “I love you too baby; come on” before the music started up again. Surprising, to say the least, Douwe Bob switched it up, but should’ve said something much more meaningful in the paused segment. A simple song, that isn’t as great as The Common Linnets’ “Calm After the Storm”, however “Slow Down” is different and Douwe Bob may just shock us all.

Armenia’s Iveta Mukuchyan – “LoveWave”

Stylish, sexy and looking slightly like a Kardashian, Iveta Mukuchyan gives a fiery performance of “LoveWave”, confident and sassy, she’s one of the underdogs in the competition. The song is catchy with Eastern European vibes. Intricately controlled this is an unexpected pleasure.

Russia’s Sergey Lazarev – “You Are the Only One”

A standout performance, this is definitely one of the top acts this year. One of the favourites, with a magical visual wall that stole the show. Sergey Lazarev’s vocals didn’t deter at all whilst climbing, a perfect performance with a perfect song. He’s got to climb up it all over again this weekend, he’s just got to make sure he doesn’t fall, otherwise he’ll find himself at the bottom of both the wall and the leader board.

Czech Republic’s Gabriela Gunčiková – “I Stand”

How do you follow Russia’s Sergey Lazarev’s amazing performance? By singing an even better song, obviously. Gabriela Gunčiková’s didn’t let the previous act strike her down, confident performance with a perfect song, she managed to capture us all.

Cyprus’ Minus One – “Alter Ego”

A perfect rock song amongst a bunch of ballads, Minus One might just take the title like Lordi did back in 2006. Different genres in the mix of pop has either done extremely well or extremely badly. “Alter Ego” is the definition of a chart-worthy rock song, that will definitely do well in this contest.

Austria’s Zoë – “Loin d’ici”

Confusing us all, Austria has sent an act singing in French. Regardless of the language, this too sweet song reminds me of innocent children on the Disney Channel. Sweeter than sugar, this song will make you smile even if you don’t know the words. Zoë adds her infectious grin during the whole performance.

Azerbaijan’s Samra – “Miracle”

Typical stunning song from this country, Azerbaijan has been the ones to watch out for since they entered back in 2008. Samra could be the miracle they need to bring the competition back to their country. Performance isn’t anything special, but Samra is a vision both visually and vocally, this song is not easy to sing, but she does it effortlessly.

Malta’s Ira Losco – “Walk on Water”

Performing whilst pregnant, Ira Losco is gorgeous as she sings her way through a blissful ballad that is similar to other ballads we’ve heard. This song will work perfectly if put between two not so great songs that makes it through to the Grand Final. But paired with another ballad before or after will not bode well for Malta in this competition.

Check out the countries and their corresponding acts that we’ve had to say goodbye to.

The second semi-final will put ten more acts through to the Grand Final.

The Grand Final takes place this weekend with an exclusive world premiere performance of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.

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