Eurovision Semi-Final 2: Who Didn’t Get Through

The second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest has eliminated another eight countries. Some surprising acts didn’t get through, along with some we all expected.

These are the acts that we won’t be seeing in the Grand Final.

Switzerland’s Rykka – “The Last of Our Kind”

Rykka fails to stun the audience at home; half mermaid and half bad fitness instructor, she attempts to show the world how to squat whilst singing, but it clearly doesn’t go to plan. An all right Eurovision song, and an all right vocal, but this had no chance compared to the other acts.

Belarus’ Ivan – “Help You Fly”

Proving visual effects doesn’t guarantee a safe pass to the Grand Final, Ivan sings a catchy chorus, with faltering verses that fail to capture. Visually amazing, Ivan starts off stark-naked, whilst singing to a wolf. He then becomes part of the pack, now fully clothed unfortunately. However, the visual effect failed to continue the narrative throughout losing connection with the song. Was expecting Ivan to fly at some point, but that didn’t happen, he failed to help us fly too.

Ireland’s Nicky Byrne – “Sunlight”

The blonde guy from Westlife, surely you all know who Nicky Byrne is right? Proving celebrity status is also not a safe trip to the Grand Final; Nicky Byrne does what he can with this song. A weak vocal on a grower of a song.

F.Y.R. Macedonia’s Kaliopi – “Dona”

Totally expected, Kaliopi failed to impress this time around, although a strong vocalist, she seemed to be all over the place whilst singing. She previously managed to qualify for the Grand Final back in 2012, although also failed to make it through in 1996 during a non-televised pre-qualifying round. She definitely shouldn’t have returned, but she gave it a good shot. The song easily gets stuck in your head, a constant repetition of “Dona”, lyrically reminiscent of Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon”, annoyingly catchy.

Slovenia’s ManuElla – “Blue and Red”

This Taylor Swift look-a-like, gave an average vocal on a quite uninteresting song. The lyrics drone on and on, without making much sense. She gave it her best shot but it clearly wasn’t good enough. There wasn’t a lot she could’ve done. The shirtless pole dancer, Jannik Baltzer Hattel, was a total distraction, and although visually amazing it failed to relate to the song at all.

Norway’s Agnete – “Icebreaker”

If anyone should’ve got through this Semi-Final, it should’ve been Agnete. Strong song both lyrically and musically, however the contrast of the chorus and the verses differs dramatically, almost as if two completely different songs have been mashed together, this could be the reason Agnete didn’t make it through. Beautifully dressed, she gives the song all of her power. This is the fan favourite that was expected to make the Grand Final but didn’t, there’s always one from each Semi-Final.

Albania’s Eneda Tarifa – “Fairytale”

A song change is not the best idea. The original was sung in Albanian and was miles better, changing the song lyrics and the melody flawed this entire song. Eneda Tarifa looked amazing, in her Disney villain dress. A perfect vocal on an unimaginative song, that was much better in its original form.

Check out the countries and their corresponding acts from semi-final 2 that went through to the Grand Final.

The Grand Final takes place this weekend with an exclusive world premiere performance of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. 

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