Eurovision Song Contest 2016: The Winner Is… Ukraine

After a very intense final, presented by Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede in Stockholm, Sweden; Ukraine has come out on top! With a total of 534 points, this was one of the most exciting and nail-biting results we have had in years.

Ukraine’s Jamala – “1944”

This emotional ballad was written by Jamala and Art Antonyan. Jamala wrote the song after being inspired by the story of her great-grandmother Nazylkhan, in the 1940’s, was in her 20’s when she and her five children were deported to barren Central Asia. One of the daughters did not survive the journey. Her great-grandfather was fighting in World War II in the Red Army at this time and couldn’t protect his family.

Jamala performed it perfectly on the night. Soulful, emotional and passionate she gives it her all and does a much better job than she did in the second Semi-Final. The song becomes catchier after the second listen. The light show was visually amazing, stunning and beautiful, it works perfectly with the song.
The voting system changed this year, splitting the jury votes and the televotes. This definitely made it much more intense and suspenseful.

Australia’s Dami Im “Sound of Silence”

Australia won the jury vote, but came fourth in the televoting, and overall came second. Dami Im did a solid performance on stage. Much like the Semi-Final performance, in which Dami Im came first, it’s technically great, vocally outstanding and just blew everyone away.

Russia’s Sergey Lazarev’s “You Are the Only One”

Third overall was Russia, who came first in the televotes and fifth in the jury votes. Sergey Lazarev’s vocals wasn’t as on point as they were during the Semi-Final, but that didn’t matter because he didn’t fall off the wall. Visually brilliant, definitely an outstanding performance, which was felt by the viewers from home.

Here’s a recap of all the songs in the Grand Final:

Six countries got a safe pass to the final. These are the Big Five, and the host country… How did they get on?

Sweden’s Frans – “If I Were Sorry”

Such a simple song, and definitely very catchy, it’s not surprising that overall it placed fifth. Big love for this all over the world, I am expecting it to chart highly. Already at number one in Sweden, hence why the crowd was singing along. An all right performance, nothing special, same with the song, however definitely stood out amongst the others.

France’s Amir – “Jai Cherché”

An early favourite, this came sixth overall. Definitely a Eurovision song, upbeat and emotional, Amir performs this perfectly, however it kind of got lost amongst the many amazing songs this year. Placed well considering. It did better in the jury vote than it did with the televote.

Italy’s Francesca Michielin’s – “No Degree of Separation”

Placing 16th overall, this extremely weird staging did all right. A typical ballad that fails to impress compared to the amazing songs and vocalists in this Grand Final. Nothing special, but the weirdness of the staging made it stand out considerably.

Spain’s Barei – “Say Yay!”

Tough following Russia’s entrant Sergey Lazarev, it proved fatal for Barei. This was my favourite, and it seemed unfortunate that it followed such a great visual performance. Barei’s upbeat song made little impact, only managing to place 22nd overall. Great choreography and extremely catchy song, should’ve done much better than it did, however it’s extremely difficult to make an impact after the Russian entrant and this was certainly the downfall.

United Kingdom’s Joe and Jake – “You Are Not Alone”

Coming 24th overall, this had no chance compared to all the other amazing acts. Joe and Jake has done better in the previous rehearsals and other performances we have seen, clearly singing to over 200 million people impacted them badly, the nerves definitely got the best of them. The song is a grower, and has gained momentum in the UK, but compared to the other songs in this competition, it’s not surprising that the UK didn’t do that well.

Germany’s Jamie-Lee – “Ghost”

Another grower of a song, this came last overall, at least it wasn’t nul points (pronounced as if in French nyl pwɛ̃). Jamie-Lee performs well, but the only thing this is memorable for is her dress sense and the laser light trees, both of which had nothing to do with the song. It didn’t work at all.
The Interval Acts

Global superstar Justin Timberlake gave an incredible performance of “Rock Your Body” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, so amazing that people wanted to pick up the phone up and vote for him. Måns Zelmerlöw took to the stage to perform his new single “Fire in The Rain” as well as the winning song from last year “Heroes”. Performed perfectly as always, this guy knows how to work a stage and a crowd.

But the real treat came from both Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede, in another tongue-in-cheek performance song on how to win Eurovision. This worked amazingly, and “Love Love Peace Peace” was comedic, great and had some special guests as well, as well as Måns Zelmerlöw showing off his body. What’s not to like? You have to watch!