Everything I Never Expected – “Everything You’ve Come To Expect” by The Last Shadow Puppets

I was first introduced to ‘The Last Shadow Puppets’ when my boss started blasting their tunes at café I work at. I had never heard music like this before and I was called a bland-idiot who lacked music taste; for the following hour and a half I was informed of the bands history and that they were one of the greatest and influential bands of the modern era. Coming from a complete, music-driven background, I had only had a small knowledge of this music genre because of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana who had dominated the grunge/garage scene back in the 80s/90s.

The Last Shadow Puppets’ was formed by duo Alex Turner of the Artic Monkeys and Miles Kane in 2008. Their first debut album “The Art Of The Understatement” went straight to number one in the UK Album Charts as of 21 April, 2008. The band had not confirmed a second album until March, 2011 after a short split due to their own solo projects. A teaser trailer for the album was released on social media on 3 December, 2015 and a second on 28 December 2015. On 6 January, 2016 the band released a music video to the single “Bad Habits” which was to be a track on the new album.

469Source – NME.com, 2016.

Everything You’ve Come To Expect” was released on 1 April, 2016 which consisted of the tracks Aviation, Miracle Aligner, Dracula Teeth, Everything You’ve Come To Expect, The Element Of Surprise, Bad Habits, Sweet Dreams, Used To Be My Girl, She Does The Woods, Pattern and The Dream Synopsis. As a heavy muso and music business student, “Everything You’ve Come To Expect” has opened my mind up to the wonders of The Last Shadow Puppets. I have never played an album on repeat so much in my entire life; I can see that the band has put time, dedication and their soul into this album. A lot of bands like The Last Shadow Puppets go un-noticed or their music is not appreciated, but this is an album that MUST be recognised by music fans and followers.

471Source – Everything You’ve Come To Expect (Official Video) on YouTube.

The art of modern music has been shaped and altered solely by this album. “Everything You’ve Come To Expect” has the ability to reach any target audience and appeal to the ears of anyone who wants to listen to high-quality music. The Last Shadow Puppets had worked hard to release this album and there is no wonder my boss argued that I had no music taste. I have never been so drawn to a band in my entire life and I certainly recommend purchasing this album.

“Everything You’ve Come To Expect” can be purchased on iTunes or Amazon.

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