Exploring Sexuality with Happy Lives

Sex sells, but sex is also something that you (still) don’t talk about easily. Although it’s no longer a taboo, it’s not really a subject you can talk about openly – at least in some parts of the world. But LA-based singer, producer Mike Lande refuses to be shy about it, well, at least in his music.

Grew up in Boston then spent ten years in Brooklyn before moving to LA, he decided to create a new-pop genre songs with eclectic repertoire with characters who openly celebrates their contradictions and unabashed sexual desires. Lande considers himself as a diametrically opposed Irish Catholic, German Jew, deeply feminist, skirt chaser – everything you need to create something interesting and unique.

Lande’s environment and upbringing has a lot to do with his music, including that phase in his life where he felt alienated; when he was still living in Brooklyn. But it hasn’t always been pop that caught his attention – at the beginning it was punk. “Coming from punk to hip hop, beat-based mentality has been really liberating”, he said. He also describes his music as “booty-shaking music” and that’s because he thinks, “Many different genres are conducive to shaking your ass”.

After getting the spotlight from KCRW, Music Connection, The Deli, and Earmilk, Happy Lives is back with their newest single, due out this October, “Give Up With”. Having received criticism and been called shallow, arrogant, misogynistic, he responded, “I’m simply into exploration, openness and extremes. I’m also one of the horniest people I know.” So introduce yourself to Happy Lives and explore the complexities of sexuality in the Tinder age through their lustful synthpop.


Photo Courtesy of Rayana Chumtong