FIDLAR Share New Single, Detail New Album

Beloved Californian punk quartet FIDLAR have continued their recent string of singles with ‘Can’t You See’, a undeniably catchy rock track reminiscent of The Black Keys and Royal Blood’s precise delivery. Nonetheless, FIDLAR’s signature grit is still evident on this single, albeit subdued to great effect that sheds light on another side to the band.

The single continues the build-up to the release of ‘Almost Free’, the group’s third album. Due 25th January, the record features production from Grammy-nominated producer Ricky Reed, a likely influence on the smoother vibe of ‘Can’t You See’, although fans of FIDLAR’s older sound will be pleased with the punk edge of previous singles ‘Alcohol’ and ‘Too Real’.

‘Can’t You See’ embodies the band’s attitude towards how “believing you need things to be fulfilled , when really that comes from within yourself,” says guitarist Elvis Kuehn. On that note, the entire record reflects the band’s desire for non-conformity, with vocalist Zac Carper detailing how the recording process was all “about taking the ceiling off. Having it be limitless. Ain’t no rules.”  

If the three singles are anything to go by, it’s safe to say that FIDLAR are most definitely changing gear this time around, and so far to spectacular effect.