Film Review: Everest

Witness an emotional, riveting, perilous ride where tension and suspense is at its highest. Everest, the kind of movie that makes you think “What am I doing with my life?” Where a group of adventurer consultants become hugely enthusiastic about climbing the highest mountain on the planet; the adrenaline rush becomes chaotic for the group as they make their way to the top.

We set out to see Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) eager to make this adventure a one to remember but his wife Jan Arnold (Keira Knightley) raises concern about his well-being while he has a baby on the way. Before they start to climb the mountain they begin to go through some little trials just to ensure they can manage the extreme challenges and weather conditions they’re about to endure. Beck Weathers (Josh Brolin) looks nervous as he watches a woman being escorted on a stretcher, and one thing to mention, the music composed at this stage gives you a feel of a future sinister moment. There were instances where you could put yourself in his shoes; the regretting second he forgot to say happy anniversary to his wife Peach Weathers (Robin Wright), the chemistry created makes you want to weep knowing that it could be his last few days that he gets to talk to her and his kids.


Climbing the mountain was formidable yet, by the time they reached it seemed like an easier ride than they or we as an audience had thought. And with Dough Hansen (John Hawkes) almost fulfilling his self-prophecy, he had to realize the possibility of turning back and feeling like the school kids will be disappointed by his inability to reach the number one goal. By this time, they had already surpassed the time they were meant to be on the mountain for and were supposed to be on their way back but Dough had convinced Rob that it will be okay; just a couple more strides left, and he made it. As well as Yasuko Namba (Naoko Mori) and a few others who also made it, it was unfortunate for Beck while he lies in the snow with his eye sight deteriorating.

It was victory for most; with around 13 people still being up there passing time, they see a dreadful snowstorm approaching on their way down, plus things start to get mucky. The storm shews a concern and we as witnesses can feel that; the battling conditions worsen and before we know it, Dough’s gone missing and Scott Fisher (Jake Gyllenhaal) struggles to fight against it. Beck’s covered in ice waiting for Rob to arrive although he remains stuck on the mountain with all 4 bottles of oxygen empty, there was just one little thing, it was hard to suss out who is who but I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be, in a heavy storm like that in your presence you wouldn’t have a clue of what’s going on.

Suddenly, Beck has visions of his wife and immediately wakes up; that’s enough motivation to get a man moving. His wife thinks he’s dead; making it back to the camp they break the ice that Rob hasn’t made it. Beck’s hands and face got battered by the storm; though his wife manages to hear that he’s still alive and calls the American Embassy to send the chopper to pick him up, it was a success. Sadly, he lost both of his hands and his nose. To motivate Rob who’s trapped and gasping for breath, the people at the base station try their best to impel him by putting his wife on the phone; it was a constant struggle to make the day and although the slightest success was present, it just wasn’t enough to keep him alive.


All respect due to the ceased lives of: Andy Harris, Rob Hall, Dough Hansen, Yasuko Namba, Scott Fisher, and all of those who have passed on while trying to make it through the tough, sturdy, testing mountain.

Summary: This isn’t no ordinary journey for those considering themselves adventurers. Stand firm and be prepared for the world’s highest mountain that summons you to climb to its peak.

Rating: 9/10