G Girls unstoppable new song “Call The Police”

Inna, Alexandra Stan, Antonia and Lori collaborate to form G Girls with unstoppable new song “Call The Police”. A completely new project has just been released on the world. Four Romanian superstars collaborate together on this astronomical banger of a tune. Inna, Antonia, Alexandra Stan and Lori come together, uniting their fan bases around the world, and unleashing an exciting new project, music video and song that has got everyone wondering what the future will bring.

After the amazing hit “We Wanna” from Inna and Alexandra Stan featuring Daddy Yankee, it’s not surprising that another collaboration was in the works. Bringing Antonia and Lori into this project, G Girls has got fans around the world in awe. Global Records have really outdone themselves.

Directed by Roman Burlaca, Inna and Antonia greet the viewers into Palatul Noblesse. Apparently, somebody better call the police on these four girls, because these guys won’t leave, but the toys come with a warning. Sexy, stylish and full of girl power, this is a new project that works perfectly. A new summer club anthem, that is oh-so catchy and is full of star power. These girls already have successful solo careers, so G Girls is a fan favourite new project, with high expectations. G Girls are coming, watch out.


Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, is one of the biggest Romanian female singers. Already been announced as the richest Eastern European recording artist, she’s had hits “Hot”, “Amazing”, “Sun Is Up”, “More Than Friends” and “Cola Song”. Inna has released four albums, 23 singles and has collaborated with Flo Rida, Pitbull, J Balvin and Eric Turner.

Alexandra Stan hit the world by storm with “Mr Saxobeat”, since that day she has been riding her success. With three albums, 16 singles, a Japanese clothing range and a big name in Japan. She is definitely one to watch.

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, is a household name in Romania, hits include “Marabou”, “Morena” and “Hurricane”, she has been fighting for success. A professional model in the US, she also has her own clothing line called MOJA.

Lori, real name Loredana Ciobotaru, first came to prominence in 2013 on the second season of Vocea României (The Voice of Romania). Since then she has been building her music career and recently signed with Global Records. Lori is the one to watch.

“Call The Police” is out now, watch the music video below.