Girls Only: ‘Shaping the Future’ at Kallenbach Gallery.

Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam has made cutting-edge ideas their business.

Proud proponents of the New Contemporary Art movement, Kallenbach Gallery aims to showcase the exciting and unique works of their slate of innovative artists in an open, approachable and pointedly unstuffy way.

A perfect example of all of that innovative art and unstuffy showcasing is a new show due to open at the gallery this October. Co-curated with YOUR:OWN, a young contemporary art agency, the show, called Shaping your Future, will bring together artists from all over the world. And that all sounds great enough on its own, but here’s the kicker—all the artists featured in the exhibition are women.

Untitled, 2017, Jangkoal. Courtesy of the artist and Kallenbach Gallery. All Rights Reserved.

Shaping your Future is centred around the idea that history is shaped by the actions of men, and in response, poses the question: what would a future envisioned by women, look like? And to that end, the artists curated for the showing provide a vision, visual language and aesthetic that we can use to define our future.

Featuring artists Kristin Texeira, Laura Berger and Mando Marie of the United States, Winnie Truing of Canada, Andrea Wan of Germany, Anna Taratiel of Spain, Jangkoal of South Korea, and local Netherlands artists This is a Robot and Martine Johanna, the exhibition will shine a light not only on femininity and womanhood in general, but also on a broad range of experiences, opinions, and ideas.

In Rhythm, 2017, Laura Berger. Courtesy of the artist and Kallenbach Gallery. All Rights Reserved.

Shaping your Future opens at Kallenbach Gallery on Friday, October 6, from 6 to 9 pm.

Kallenbach Gallery is located at Pilotenstraat 18F, 1059CJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can find more information about the gallery, including opening hours, at

Featured Image: Kallenbach Gallery via Facebook.