Gretta Ray Releases Video for “Drive”

Triple J’s 2016 Unearthed High winner and God’s gift to Australian music – AKA Gretta Ray, has finally dropped a music video for her incredibly stunning track, “Drive”. The track debuted at #27 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown for 2016 and also took out the top prize for the Vanda & Young songwriting competition last year.

The enchanting lyrics, effortless vocals and infectious bass line that ‘drives’ the folk-pop creation, are accompanied by visuals which are just as delightful and charming as the tune itself. The carefree and hopeful ambition that Ray explores through her lyricism is perfectly encapsulated within the video.

Ray and her love interest drive down the Great Ocean Road in a crimson convertible with arms in the air and hair flowing in the wind. Stunning scenic views of the ocean are glimpsed as Ray effortlessly struts and dances down the road singing, “do you want to drive? / say you never met a woman that made you feel this alive”.

If “Drive” hasn’t been stuck in your head for the past 5 months, then it most definitely will be after watching this music video.

Watch Drive here…