Have You Met Rich Chigga?

… Or at least heard about him? I know for sure Snoop Dogg has. Brian Imanuel aka Rich Chigga is a 16 year old comedian slash rapper from Indonesia whose video, “Dat $tick”, went viral (has over 1.6k hits and counting) and it is giving back the fame fanny packs once had.


Why “Rich Chigga” and why rap?
I’m not gonna lie, it’s a corny ass name that I chose over ago and I was gonna change it but it’s too late. As for, why rap? It was just a fun thing I did as a joke but a lot of people liked it so I kept going and took it a little bit more serious.

On a scale of 1 – Miley Cyrus Appearance Change, how surprised were you by the success of “Dat $tick”?
I’m at about Bill Cosby Is Actually A Rapist.

I read somewhere that you’re proof that literally anyone can be a rapper – Do you agree?
I don’t know, but what I do agree is anyone can blow up. The real skill is staying relevant and entertaining people for more than 6 months.

By wanting to put an end to the negative effects of the N-word, what’s your opinion about people saying, “Rap is part of black culture”?
Saying that would be too generalizing – some people called me out for the cultural appropriation and basically saying only black people are allowed to rap. I think that’s stupid. Let other people have it, spread the culture.

Being from Indonesia – with all it’s, uh, cultural values and stuff – aren’t you worried about the profanity and racial slurs used in your lyrics?
I expected it to have a lot of dislikes, but most people said they let the N-word slide because it’s dope, which is what I was going for.


Has the fame started to kick in yet? Do you feel it’s already changing you?
No it’s not, I seriously need someone to remind me everyday that I’m still somewhat worthless no matter what so I wouldn’t be an arrogant ass douchebag later on.

If you were not rapping, what would you be doing?
My main thing has always been comedy, I make dumb videos on Vine, Twitter, YouTube and people laugh at them.

Any plans on collaborating with other rappers – Keith Ape maybe, or to chill with Snoop?
Yes, I’m doing something with Denzel Curry, as for Keith Ape I’m not sure, I don’t wanna be seen as an Asian rapper, collaborating with another Asian rapper would be too expected. Snopp Dogg intimidates me.

Tell us a joke?
Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

When can we expect an album?
It’s kinda hard to focus on music and comedy at the same time so probably gonna be kind of a while from now but expect some singles very soon.

Where to find Rich Chigga:

Snapchat: brianimanuel